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Always follow the bankers, not the journalists.

Someone tell Elenskyy.


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still, to be completely realistic, imo the students should still learn from the best and come back to contribute. And i am still of the opinion that US high tier unis are at the top globally. then theres those who politicise academia, like those often uneducated westerners who petitions academic institutions to deny certain knowledge to asians students for "national security" reasons, which is beyond pathetic.


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Bear in mind Morrison is a member of Hillsong, a fundamentalist christian cult which is of course going to have a hard on for hating China; for someone who portrays himself as a bumbling idiot to eschew responsibility, looks like he was a control freak which made him the ideal candidate for the "wolverines" and steve bannon followers.
He is a weird one, hardly known as a control freak. Religious yes, recently told a congregation to believe in God rather than governments. But he doesn't really project the image of a guy wanting to be responsible or in control. Evidenced by flying off to Hawaii while much of Aus was battling disastrous bushfires and not giving a crap when devastating floods hit. Also he pretty much just let the states handle covid,


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Since when was there human rights in Scandinavia
Much like how the United States uses china as a foil by projecting its fears and insecurities onto China eg uighur concentration camps and American penal slavery and forcing hispanic migrants into internment camps where migrant children are sexually assaulted, the United States projects it’s own desires onto Scandinavian whether it be as right wingers with their hitlerian ideals or left wingers with the globohomo “Scandinavian model”