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Brussels expects Russian economy to stabilize​

The sanction-hit country is expected to adjust to the new reality of severed ties with the West

The EC predicts the Russian economy to stabilize as soon as in 2023, as the country is expected to adjust to the new reality. At the same time, GDP growth is projected to remain restrained next year, amounting to 1.5%, since the ongoing import substitution evoked by the departure of foreign businesses will not be effective enough.

Lol. I can see the Twitter warriors and Reddit armchair generals coming up with excuses.



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Well, India is also canceling to use Rafale M for their carriers due to some b.s. rationale. When in reality (my suspicion) is that they're upset at France's defense company for not going through with the planned submarine project because the French company wasn't prepared to part ways with their indigenous technology to be fully transferred to India. And there's this: "According to a report in a national daily, the three European and Russian companies too have now pulled out of this project but there has been no official statement on this matter."

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Jai Hinds are quite sensitive bunch when they are not being praised as the next superpower of the 21st century.
Post Covid things are getting expensive and getting delayed so there will be adjustments.
in this trade and tech war West is still wealthier to cope with inflation to attract more bright people. so countries like India and Turkey will keep losing high skill workforce that will impact there domestic projects and tax revenue relative to expenses.


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Another backstab.
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India is cancelling or having issues with a lot of military programs. I think this is a reflection of deep economic trouble in India.
Recently we had a "coal shortage" which was actually a failure to pay for coal and have adequate stock. And now we will have issues with wheat and perhaps other foodstuffs after the heat wave.

I doubt Russia would have issues supplying these helicopters if necessary. They did have issues with imports of helicopter engines from Ukraine like 8 years ago but they managed to put the VK-2500 engine, to replace Ukrainian helicopter engine imports, in serial production several years back.