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Ah, Reuters being Reuters again. They can not report a thing without political signaling.

"dealing a blow to attempts by Chinese companies to gain a foothold on the resource-rich Arctic island."

Few sentences later...

"The licence was withdrawn because of inactivity at the site,"
"The company also failed to make the agreed guarantee payments, it said."
Just a reminder that Reuters, AFP and AP can be biased despite appearing very objective.


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because they can feel that the future of the world may not be in the hands of the Europeans of their likewise mates in America, and perhaps the future will be firmly shaped and led by a non-European entity for the first time in 500 years. That's a reality most people in Europe regardless of their politics find unsettling and discomforting.

World gonna be ruled by beefy Mongolian dudes.

I can't believe Benedict Wong is from Hong Kong. He looks like Mongolian with his huge face

inb4 Benedict Wong vs Don Lee (aka Ma Dong Seok) superhero movie. Duel of beefy Mongolians.
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It's an overestimation of the U.S. primacy in military, technology, and economy that's blinding these idiots into war against both Russia and China. Not to mention that these countries leaders have been largely educated, idolized, and their world views shaped, molded from a purely American way of thinking plain and simple. The fact that these eastern European countries and the continent of Europe as a whole share cultural and ethnic backgrounds with the U.S. certainly adds more to the strength of their attachment to the U.S.
OT. I could be mistaken but IMO you can still see some Mongolian in the genetic background in the population Eastern European countries eg Bulgaria, Dalmatia Hungry, parts of Austria, and the women that show these traits can be strikingly attractive.


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ive outlined it elsewhere, but war or no war, China needs to decouple from US for its own survival....

In the postPeak world, propping up the fat useless eater middle man will only drag China down and drown China with America's sinking ship

America was never going to gracefully decline without a kinetic fight, anyone who thought otherwise are ignorant of US history (btw Happy "we killed your people and stole you land" Day!)

God wont help you, pretty pray to Xi DaDa that CCP makes the right moves for the sake of all mankind and even all lifeforms on planet earth
But what constitute the right move of Xi Dada to make or employ against the U.S. that would either make them back the bleep up from furthering their provocative actions in Taiwan and or at least seriously reconsider that such actions would warrant the death knell for U.S. military primacy in the region.

I think, the U.S. politicians, policy makers, military officials, are being misled and are falsely reassured by their army of FAILPERTS that pushing for a war against China in defense of Taiwan is more feasible now due to the current but declining American military and economic advantages over China. If they (U.S.) waits for a few more years when the situation in the ground both qualitatively and quantitatively are on China's favour then Taiwan is a guaranteed loss for the U.S. I think that's one of the reasons why it's trying to provoke and push China to act first militarily so that the U.S. can use China's reaction as their key selling point narrative wise to their respective countries people that are maybe still on the fence of taking action against China.

There's a most recent poll in the U.S. that show how Americans are not keen to take military action or confrontation with China but does support in making sure that it's trade issues with China is address fairly a.k.a. more to American advantage. But if history is our guide, American war involvements post WWII in Korea (based on an arrogant assumption that China will not intervene and if they do so will be beaten like a bunch of headless chickens that'll be easy pickings) was an embarrassment. The war in Vietnam was based on a lie, a fabricated attack in the Gulf of Tonkin that galvanized American public support. The war in Iraq the first one and the 2nd were all based on P.R. Deception, and LIES, the 2nd one being touted as the war to ensure that America will not wake in a mushroom cloud a.k.a. W.M.D. on and on....America has never declared war against it's adversaries in an honest manner and that's why the outcome of all it's conflict almost always ended in strategic failure. Judging from their fabled history of non existent strategic success, the potential and looming war in China is not going to be an exception. And this time, they're going against a country that's itching to show what it can do with it's modernized equipments the Chinese government made throughout the preceding decades. A war against a country and civilization that's known war throughout it's entire existence, meaning they're not bleeping STUPID especially when their actions are guided by the constant reminder of their history of 100 years of Humiliation. The Chinese will to fight and resolve is beyond formidable in comparison to the U.S. and it's lackeys rationale for fighting against China is to maintain "international rules based order" when even it's own allies and vassal states don't believe for a bleeping minute.


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Nah, They have not lost touched with reality but are slowly creating a new reality. That overhyped military still scare PLA...
Where are you basing your assumptions that the PLA is unable or won't take whatever action you think is necessary to deter American actions in Taiwan OUT OF FEAR FOR THE U.S. MILITARY.

Is this assumption based on any credible evidence or are we basing this opinion from the inaction or perceived inaction of the PLA because such a charge can be equally applied to the U.S. military. If they are that superior to the PLA why not dock a ship and land an actual force in Taiwan and call China’s bluff chicken.