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It is more of a case ,the French being totally out fought than outright cowardice. Them being unable to mobilize themselves due to social divisions.
@Agnus bro does France had a hand in the recent difficulties in the cross straight relationship after Brexit? UK is the instigator of AUKUS so maybe its a way of giving France the middle finger.


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Lol they are bringing back all the cold war 1.0 terms.

ISS is in a sorry state and developing all manners of crack and leaks. The longer they run ISS pass its design lifespan the greater the chance of a catastrophic failure. Keep extending ISS mission is playing with the lives of astronauts for political reasons in favour of sound engineering.


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I wonder how China can exploit US/UK/Aus vs. France/EU division....

This is why I prefer China fighting Biden's "Rally the Allies" which can be exploited via "divide-and-conquer", rather than Trump's "Scorched Earth" approach, in which everyone including China, US, and EU gets fucked.
Forget about sowing divisions in AUKUS. These are minions who would follow America to the grave.
The best bet is to take advantage of American's greed. China presents an irresistible market and if you can make it easier for hamstrung American businessemen to make money in China, such that political rhetoric doesn't March business reality on the ground, it won't be long before the US capitulates and becomes reconciliatory.
China is the only country an American can move tomorrow and start making money immediately.


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This is a real shit show.

Unlike that fake shit show with Boris in the room yesterday, that being spread around by Faux News and the like.

Again things like this make me wonder what kind of hell China will subject australia to in the next few years given that China has a long term memory and the collective west have been screwing up almost repeatedly and also continuously making the rest of the world increasingly angry especially with the fallout in Afghanistan that they have never apologized for and is in fact almost gloating right now about how they plan to contain China when they have failed to do the same to Afghanistan (heck the Taliban is now back in power, talk about epic fail). As they say their is only some much sin that the USA can commit before they eventually get what’s coming to them. The western world (Anglo Saxon centric) is making all these moves through desperation, not through a real long term plan, hence the reality is not going to be kind in the near future.