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And as I said the Japanese are more hostile against China than even the US.

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Better for China to start ripping out Japanese IP because these quotes above dont seem to me like a "neutral trading country"

Oh look, time for another missile encirclement. Waiting for the people complaining about Russia aggression to its eastern border and praising China's calmness/diplomacy, to see how they will react to this.

How will the famous calm China react to a missile encirclement...
japan should tread lightly
They still have a massive pungent sores called fukushima daiichi nuclear plant that still bleeding radioactivity till today
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Imagine what a couple dozen of hypersonic cruise missiles could do to that plant, the radioactive fallout will cover almost all of japan
A conventional strike that would have the radioactive fallout of a thermonuclear nuclear strike minus the destruction


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The US and all their allies are chicken sh*ts. It's a bunch of countries hoping the other guy does all the dirty work and then they'll come in after the battle is over and claim victory or if they lose, they'll say, "It wasn't me!" Japanese hawks? Yeah they want the US to do everything for them. If there are so many anti-China hawks in the Western alliance why haven't already started a war with China? So anti-China yet something has got them afraid.
Hey that's how america become global hegemon. Let your rivals kill each other and swoop in with da Hollywood propaganda