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How long will it take before Australia will be 2nd biggest anglo nation by population and gdp !! Australia is huge nation with a lot of natural resources so there is ample space for population expansion as well as migration from european nation. People shouldn’t ignore Australian threat just because its GDP is small right now.
There's a reason why Australia's population has been small relative to its size and will never grow too big. The limiting factor has been natural fresh water resources. Australia is a 'dry' continent.
Much of the land is desert or semi-arid.


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I suspect that India, SK, and Japan should probably want to get an AUKUS-like nuclear sub deal with the US, UK, and France. India will be highly suspect, because they are now not too happy with their last US-India nuclear deal. And a fuming France has already expressed a desire to sell more arms to India.
The Aussie nuclear sub deal came with strings attached. IMHO, such a deal is only viable for those nations with a great distance from the threat and lacking a domestic industrial base. Such a position would unnecessarily expose Japan and RoK to the hostility of China for an inconsequential gain. Those three have developed a mutualistic relationship, despite their reciprocating suspicions. France's predicament of late can be observed for lessons to learn.


Now, let me say I love Victor Gao, I respect his views and his experience enormously. However, he's been tripped up by this slimy anchor from ABC.

He somehow make China look like the aggressor, and Victor falls right into the trap. The bxxxxard even said it, China wanting to talk war within 5 minutes when he is the one leasing the question regarding "invasion" of Taiwan.

That interview looks fake or edited. It's like the host is talking by himself and then cuts to clips of Gao speaking.


interesting thread
Balanced naval architectures are very, very, expensive things, and should be undertaken only by great powers. One has only to look at the RN of the last 20 ears to see how the pursuit of "balance" has eaten up resources and led to a proper variant of the US Navy in miniature, able to do fewer things to a lesser degree than a larger fleet would have been able to accomplish.
I am certainly underinformed and naive, but I suspect that inside the PLAN, there is a relative sense of relief that OZ is choosing this immense, glacially realizing step, rather than applying resources across a broader range of conventional capability and capacity.