9/11: The Black Money Trail


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In the below documentary, the commentator follows the money trail leading to the 9/11 attacks and subsequent "cover up". What do you guys think of the evidence? Thank you.

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Just speculation and unsubstantiated BS. No more no less..get out the tin foil hats boys.

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Just speculation and unsubstantiated BS. No more no less..get out the tin foil hats boys.
So called, "Truther," versions of history, ignors the fact that we saw the aircraft fly into the buildings while listening to the phone conversations of those on board clearly indicating the Islamic radicals who had taken control of the aircraft, killed the pilots and in some cases the other crew, and were yelling "Allah Akbar," as they crashed into the buildings...and then bin Laden taking complete credit for it.

Not to mention the conversations from phone and cockpit recordings of the Flight 93 heroism by the passengers that foiled that attack.

The truth is, a very dangerous group of very smart enemies in the form of radcial fundamental Jihadists, who want to create and Islamic Caliphate over as much of the world as possible, see the US as the chief impediment to that dream and are willing to do all in their power to bring America down by attacking our financial centers, our military and our public in an effort to create as much terror as possible.

They are completely dedicated, willing to sacrifice their life to accomplish this aim, and they cannot be underestimated. What they accomplished on 911 was horrible, but also amazing given the reources at their command, and again just underscores the fact that they cannot be taken for granted or discounted in any way.

Now, are there idiotic and unscrupulous politicians willing to try and take advantage of all of this for their own purposes and political gain? Sadly, yes! But they did not initiate, plan, or carry out the attacks. The enemies I speak of did. Those foolish politicians who think they can deal with these people or try and use them to their own advantage are whislting past the grave yard because these enemies hate them at least as much, if not more, than they hate the rest of our society...and will not hesitate to slaughter them (in the Islamic fashion by beheading) if they ever capture them.

Such tin foil hat, crazy conspiracy theories do not deserve the slightest foothold on SD IMHO.
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