2021 Zhuhai Airshow Naval Systems


Got to say something about 555. 50km is attainable and so is 50G. But Mach 5 for a small missile? I need to call it doubts on this one. This could be a misinterpretation. Mach 5 is hypersonic. Could it mean it can intercept a Mach 5 target? Perhaps. Could it be a minimum engagement height instead, like 5 meters?
ESSM is Mach 4+. China’s VLSes are bigger so I don’t see why a Mach 5 missile is out of the range of possibility.


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Also disguising as a container is a double-edged sword, because then the enemy will have a good reason to attack all other container equipped cargo ships.
It isn't really a problem as many westerner (just USA in fact) wanted to make it look so.

Nowadays, most cargo ships bear flag of small countries, owned by another country (like China), often leased out to a third country's logistic company as user. The true owner and operator of such missile container can be the flag country, the owner country, the logistic company's country. When a missile flies out of the ship, whose other cargo ships are US going to attack?


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The last is a sea defense system that is disguised as a container. Maybe this is something intended to be installed on container ships.

This is a shore defence missile system 一体化海防武器系统, containerization means any civilian commercial haulier trucks can be used to tranport this shore defence missile system to any place along the shoreline.

Actually, what Tam suspected is right.

The system is able to be flexibly installed on the ship or standard truck chassis, or be directly fixed for services.



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76mm naval gun
- Suitable for ships displacing 200 tons or above
- Caliber: 76.2mm
- Muzzle velocity (at +15 degree elevation): 980m/s
- Max range (ground): ≥15km
- Max range (anti-air): ≥11km
- Sustained rate of fire (adjustable): 1 to 80 rounds/min
- Burst mode rate of fire: 110 to 130 rounds/min
- L x W x H: 7076mm x 3600mm x 2428mm
- Magazine sizes: 66, 42, or 18 rounds
- Weight (excluding control units and magazine): 9.5, 9, or 8.5 tons
- Traverse: -175 to +175 degrees
- Elevation: -12 to 85 degrees
- Max
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: 5275mm



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Coastal defense systems. In the first image, the panel on the left is a small submerged sonar that provides 360-degree defection against frogmen and UUVs, and several of these can be networked together to provide a wide-area coverage. If I'm understanding this correctly, the panel on the left depicts some kind of fiber-optic linked sonar system, kind of like a towed sonar arrays for coastal defense.