071 LPD News, Pics, and Reports

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Lots of new photos on LPD

Photo taken 07/05/2019

8th unit under construction at HD

Also LHD?

From Cirr on PDF


asif iqbal

If they can launch this 8th unit within the next few months that would mean 4 x LPD launches within 24 months from single shipyard

In comparison fastest 2 US shipyards popped 4 x San Antonio Class LPD in 31 months between 05/07 and 12/09 between Ingalls and Avondale

The Chinese yards are fast


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Some of the few photos of the Type 071's well deck drowned:



I love this picture as it shows a complete composite fleet of armored amphibious vehicles; ZBD-05, ZTD-05, ZJX-05 (?) and some unknown APCs in the background.

asif iqbal

Anyone seen the daily mail media coverage of the Type 071 LPD in Australia

It reads that Chinese navy fleet which faced off Australian warships in the Pacific have docked unannounced in Australia scaring the locals


OMG the scare mongering is next level

If Australia knew about them BEFORE they arrived in port how was it unannounced?


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The Australian government had approved the visit weeks in advance, but hadn't communicated about it to media orgs, think tanks, and other folks who thought they should've been in the know.


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It was a reciprocal visit. This visit is a courtesy and thank you visit for Australia sending a warship to attend the PLAN anniversary event in Qingdao. What is not equal is that Australia sent an old frigate and this lack of force size reciprocality is what makes me wonder. I suspect that Australia originally planned to send a much larger force, like an LPD and a tanker to the Qingdao event, then suddenly scaled it back. But the PLAN didn't change their plans, sent the escort task force from the Indian Ocean heading home to Australia anyway. Logically, with the frigate Xiangtan in Singapore, the PLAN should have sent that frigate from Singapore to Sydney.