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asif iqbal

lol, no need for agressivity, only trying to help here. I explicitly noticed that these photos would show empty Type 762s; You were only asking for photos of such vehicle "loading in and out of the well deck".


Now, you want loaded Type 762 ? here :
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Please accept my apologies

You have posted a photo that has never been posted before can you please explain where you got this? When and where was it posted what date ?

This shows a IFV on a LCAC entering a well deck of LPD 999 OUTSTANDING

Most importantly do you have any photos of loaded (anything even a military truck or car) LCAC inside the well deck of the LPD?

Do you have one which has multiple loads on it?

This is why I love SDF because we always learn something new each day

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Tetrach, thanks for posting those photos. However honestly, I think I've seen them all sometime or another.

I have a file of over 200 images dedicated to the Type 071. Ask me anything, I probably have it, deep inside my phone...

Do you have a video of the LCAC actually entering or leaving a Type 017 LPD? Thank you!
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I have been looking for years and never seen more than a single vehicle, and usually no load at all, on the PLAN KCACs. Sometimes a few soldiers.

At this point, we should be seeing Type 071s training with multiple PLAN LCACs, some with various types of equipment, some with equipment of various types and soldiers, and some with a lot of soldiers. That's what they are for. To rapidly take those loads...and two to four of that at a time from each Type 071 involved in the training "assaukt." To date we are seeing more LCACs, but I am looking for the day when we really see them doing what they were n=made to do, and what those ships were built so they hold four of them for.

It simply has not happeded yet.

asif iqbal

Multiple LCAC with multiple loads

So far we have seen 3 inside the well deck all empty and I know the LPD layout very well

Type 726 has a ramp front and rear for through movement yet never seen them use it

Honestly I have followed this programme for over 10 years and unlikely that there will be a photo I have missed

Higgle those are old and already posted about hundred times


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Great pictures as always.
Those are two interesting photos because I don't recall a past instance of 071s carrying Z-9s let alone two. Of course, we all know that the ship could easily do so given they can accommodate Z-8s, but this is the first picture to my knowledge seeing Z-9s on it.