054B/next generation frigate


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It has not gone that far. If a sensitive post has been posted, it will be deleted immediately. The poster will be warned that he/she would be banned if doing it again.
I know, I'm just joking. Over the years, as the authorities have stepped up their crackdown on illegal photography, military enthusiasts have finally learned to restrain themselves. In the past, these "Beheaded if leaked" warning signs standing in sensitive and classified areas had virtually no deterrent effect on those fanatical photographers. But now, its deterrent power is roughly equivalent to its literal meaning. I mean, banning the online accounts of fanatical individuals and restricting them from showing off and bragging everywhere is basically equivalent to a death sentence for them.


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If this were the case, the 054B would have exactly the same number of large missiles (48) compared to the Constellation. However, if the VLS were to be increased to 64, there would be no point building additional 052DLs.
Copy bro, IF they use the type 54a VLS then the type 54B will be a good replacement for both the type 54a and type 52b having double the amount of VLS armaments.