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    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I can get some tip or advice from you regarding a parcel that I sent to a friend in China. after checking my tracking number several times, my Item has been in Guangzhou customs for 10 days since April 01, 2019. the estimated delivery date to my recipient is April 8, but its already 2 days past that date. I contacted my friend and gave her the tracking # of my parcel, she phoned China post and she was told that the parcel is still in Guangzhou customs.

    Is situations like this Normal when sending mail/ parcels to China? I did a little google search and I read a couple of people who had complains about their items getting Stuck in Guangzhou customs. I am afraid that my parcel might end up getting stuck in there for an indefinite time. What are my options in this case? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Here is a screenshot of my recent tracking # inquiry

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    Most likely your friend has to pay customs duty and VAT.

    But even if he is lucky they still can withhold the parcel for indefinite time at the customs .

    The delivery company won't take responsibility for this, and every customs around the world works like a bureaucracy ( US customs took two weeks once, Canadian similar result) .

    You and or friend has to check the gift value rules of China, for the VAT/Customs requirements.

    If the customs declaration is above then the chap will receive a note soon about the fees/taxes/customs to pay.
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