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    Some time ago someone asked me "had I'd ever made a cat shot or arrested landing?". The answer is yes.

    OCT. 1972...deck launched off the JFK in a C-1 Trader COD.

    FEB 1981....Flew off America in a CH-53 Sea Dragon to fly into Roosevelt Roads PR to load training torpedoes on one of my squadrons S-33A Viking.

    FEB 1981...made an arrested landing aboard America in a C-1A Trader COD piloted by this woman;

    Lt. JG Brenda Robinson of VRC-40

    As part of the Naval Aviation Museum Foundation’s Discovery Saturday series and in recognition of Women’s History Month, please join aviation pioneer Brenda Robinson, the first black woman to earn her wings of gold as a Naval Aviator. The event is scheduled for 10 a.m., Saturday, March 28 at the National Naval Aviation Museum.

    August 1991....I was cat shot off Nimitz in a S-3A COD from VRC-50 known as Miss Piggy to Bahrain as the start of my journey back to San Diego for my Navy retirement.
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