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Discussion in 'Military History' started by Dongfeng, Nov 5, 2005.

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    Dear members

    Welcome come back to the General Military Forum.

    Before you start posting threads, I’d like to introduce some changes made in this forum following the recent close due to unnecessary political debates.

    From now on, the whole SinoDefence Forum will be more focused on the technical side of military affairs. Political debates are no longer allowed in the forum. Any posts that go off the main topic of the thread will be deleted without warning.

    Old threads in the General Military Forum have all been closed and moved to Forum Archives. The new General Military Forum will be focused on topics on China’s space programme, strategic weapons and WMD, defence industry, weapon R&D, national and tactical C4ISR systems, arms trade, and other military news.

    You are welcome to join the discussion but all posts will be closely monitored to prevent political debates and attacks on other countries/nations. The moderators will delete any posts that they feel are not appropriate without warning.

    I am sorry for these tighten up measures, but this is to guarantee a healthier, more constructive discussion atmosphere that the majority of us will benefit.

    I hope you enjoy your discussion.

    Yours sincerely


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