Plan Type 095/096 Nuclear Submarine Thread

Discussion in 'Navy' started by Hendrik_2000, Nov 27, 2017.

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    This right here, I don't know how you ever came to the conclusion that SSN's are suited only for lesser opponents, but I can tell you right here and now that you are very very wrong. It is amazing that some people think that a SSN's value against advance opponents is decreased simply because they are harder to be made to be just as quiet as SSKs. The increased duration/range and speed of a SSN more than makes up for that one particular deficiency. To put even a single SSN between Hawaii and the US main land would instantly put a significant strain on US logistics and planning to ensure that that single boat does not pick off any vulnerable supply ship between those 2 points. This not to mention several.
    The USN has made several well written articles regarding how USSR/Russian SSN can seriously impend any operations in the Atlantic during any war time scenario. The same principle applies here.
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    Guys ... stick to the topic which is the Type 095/096 and take this as a warning: NO MORE additional replies on Panama, the US strategy against other subs and so on ! Thread is cleaned.

    Is that so much difficult?? Esp. @AndrewS and @gelgoog ???
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