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    Ok guys (and girls,)… since we were repeatedly trying to get in contact with Webby, waiting for a reply or at least an advice on how to handle these latest challenges with no reply, I decide now on my own.

    From now on all political threads are forbidden and will either be immediately closed, the one who started a new one will be warned and if this does not help even banned, either until Webby finally replies to our requests or even better until we have more moderators. Those who want to continue certain political discussions or spread their agenda shall go and search for another forum, there are plenty enough political ones, but the “Sino-Defence Forum” is no longer a place for this.

    I know this decision – especially made on my own, without an agreement by Webmaster – will be met with rejection, incomprehension and eventually lack of understanding or lack of appreciation. It will eventually even result in some sort of resistance but let me just say it very clearly: With only two active moderators at the moment, both full-time busy with job and family, it is no longer possible to continue.,

    Since months more and more spammers invade this forum, more and more members cannot or do not want to obey to the simplest rules – aka respect –, more and more post and even whole threads are going off-topic, go down the drain by political debates, the spreading of political agenda and even scattered to propaganda became a standard now and I must admit I’m no longer able nor in the mood to read all these complaints and accusations from several members, including suggestions on who should be banned and so on.

    My decision is therefore clear: From now on until we have new moderators, which were promised more than a year ago I’ll keep this line.

    Whoever does not agree, can report this decision to Webby and he should then decide. I even offered I even offered to resign as my moderator if he does not agree, with the way I act … again without a reply.

    Therefore that’s my last word on this issue and I can only hope that the majority of the reasonable members agree or at least support this decision.

    Kind regards,
    Andreas aka Deino
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