Japanese (JMSDF) Carrier Group 1/350 scale

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    This is a video of a JMSDF Carrier group in 1/350 scale.

    The Japanese have now built four carriers. Two Hyuga class which displace about 20,000 tons and to Izumo class which displace about 30,000 tons each.

    Although they are replacing four much smaller destroyers which could carry 3-4 AW helicopters and ASW warfare, these vessels are much larger and have large carries-like flat decks...and there can be no doubt when looking at them that they are carriers.

    Though the Japanese have a direct ASW responsibility in the US - Japanese alliance, these carriers look perfectly capable of carrying F-35B 5th generation stealth strike fighters.
    The Hyuga class (shown here) could carry a wing of twelve. The larger Izumo class (which there is no 1/350 scale model for yet) could carry as many as 24. They would be very powerful escort carriers for Japan and the US-Japanese alliance.

    This group consists of the following:

    1 Fujimi 1/350 scale Hyuga carrier
    1 Atago class AEGIS destroyer, by Trumpeter in 1/350 scale
    1 Arts Technique Akizuki class Destroyer in 1/350 scale
    1 Trumpeter Takanami destroyer in 1/30 scale
    1 Pit Road Soryu SSK in 1/350 scale conventional submarine

    This is a very strong anti-submarine warfare grouping that could carry a large number of ASW helicopters and use the Soryu sub to good effect.

    Also, should the JMSDF decide to go that way, they would also make an excellent escort carrier with F-35B 5th generation strike fighters. The Japanese air force is already buying a large number of F-35A aircraft.
    See all of my various 1/350 scale groupings on youtube and the individual model builds on Fine Scale Modeling online magazine, Sino Defence forum, and feel free to share them with others.

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    Jeff just posted this video on youtube!..Enjoy!!

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