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Discussion in 'Strategic Defense' started by Gollevainen, Jan 27, 2007.

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    ...Do I have to do this again...:eek:ff :nono:

    Why is it so hard to understand that this forum isen't PDF, Keypublsihing forum, ATS forum or any other place where you can just do basicly what ever you want?

    I've said this million time and it's clearly seen in the rules:

    We are trying to esthabile the chinese military discussion forum which would be the premium englishspeaking arena to discuss about chinese military matters as they desreve, with respectfull and opjective and adult manners. Thats why we for example engourage those members who have seen military service to join us and show example to those who are yeat to reach that age (or missed the opportunity). It doesen't mean we wont allow other members as well, but we do expect that other members behaive like proffesionalist (doesen't mean act/pretend like one), discuss matters in hand with reasonable and valid arguments and leave all kind of trolling and flaming home. We don't expect our members to know all, that why they are here to learn. But again we do expect members not acting like they know all when it's clear that this isen't the case.

    Why I'm posting this thread/annoucment is that between last night and the present moment I've have to ban three members and give total of five warnings to three members only. Clearly those where single trouplemakers but just to make things clear, I whis to adress you all...WE ARE NOT GONNA TAKE THAT SORT OF BS MENTALITY, WE NEVER DID, AND NEVER WILL!!!!

    If you find our rules and policy unacceptable, then just leave, let us who wish to talk civilized alone and don't come ruining our day and our forum. But if you can adjust to rules (it's really not that hard), then enjoy and learn, discuss and make new friends...

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