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    This is my backyard so i'm hoping for some good photos.I will see some of these guys and gals in the city centre too.I wish them all a very pleasant and enjoyable experience in my home city of Glasgow.Around 10,000 personnel are expected.Hope you have a blast! :nana:

    DVIDS - News - DESRON 24 Ships Depart for Exercise Joint Warrior

    NORFOLK, Va. - Four ships led by Commander, Destroyer Squadron 24 departed Norfolk, Va., Sept. 21 to participate in Joint Warrior, a coalition exercise designed and led by the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff in the United Kingdom and staged off the coast of Scotland sailors from USS Stout, USS Nitze, USS Bainbridge and Fleet replenishment oiler USNS Leroy Grumman will be representing the United States in the exercise that will also include sea, air and land forces from Belgium, Germany, Greece, Estonia, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom and NATO.

    "Joint Warrior will allow our sailors the opportunity to practice operating with our coalition partners so that we are better prepared to support multi-national operations in real-world missions,” said Capt. Aaron Jacobs, DESRON 24 commander. “Our sailors will gain essential training and experience by operating as part of a multinational force in a multi-warfare environment.”

    The exercise scenarios will challenge the coalition navies in major warfare areas such as air defense, anti-surface warfare and anti-submarine warfare. Particular emphasis will be placed on maritime security operations including boarding and searching vessels suspected of illegal activities and defending against small boat attacks.

    “The safety and security of the world’s seas is a responsibility shared by all of the coalition navies,” said DESRON 24 operations officer, Lt. Cmdr. Greta Densham. "Joint Warrior allows us to realize that responsibility by working with our allies to improve the way we counter illegal activity and defend against acts of terrorism on the high seas.”

    Joint Warrior is scheduled to begin in early October. The exercise, which will last approximately two weeks, will also serve to certify the U.S. ships for deployment.

    For more news from DESRON 24, visit COMDESRON TWENTY-FOUR.
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    Thanks for the info:). I'll keep an eye on navy.mil for photos.

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