Did Jeff Head leave us??

Discussion in 'Navy' started by winto, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Jeff what a blessing you are Brother, to our forum, and to each of us personally, I pray the Lord continues to bring you life, health, and peace my friend! Thanks to each member who is praying for my brother Jim, he desperately needs a miracle, he's down to 134 lbs, and he wasn't ever over weight, but Blessings to each of you my friends, and I'm especially thankful for Brother Jeff, you are an inspiration to continued "drive" as we live this often "perilous" life, and an example of Faith, both in God, and in your fellow man!
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    Nice models. I too believe that the Lockheed entry will win the competition.:) Though they are not equiped with SPY-1D(V), EASR is said to have an equivalent sensitivity as SPY-1D(V). Not to mention that the SPY-6 is now reported to be three times stronger than its original requirement. FFG(X) seems to significantly enlarge the gap between the next generation frigate of USN and PLAN.
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