Comprehensive National Power

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    Hi guys. I would like to discuss the concept of CNP in this thread. I am fairly new to this, so please let me know if I am doing something wrong.

    The Comprehensive National Power is an original Chinese political concept which measure not just the military might of a country but the combined might of hard military, economic power, and soft political power.

    The Chinese believe that in practical terms, military power alone will not dictate the outcome of a war; many factors will have to be taken into account, the measurement of this as a score is what the Chinese called the Comprehensive National Power.

    A good example is the Cold War. While the USSR had more military power in the beginning and arguably for the most duration of the war. They seriously and gravely neglected economic growth and political relations with most countries. The end result is that their overall CNP continue to dip as the USA overtake them in these areas. At the end, they lost the war even when their pure military power isn't all that behind the US.

    To prevent similar fate befalling on the PRC, CNP should be used as a measuring stick instead of more conventional means.

    I read the article in Wikipedia on CNP, it was not very comprehensive. If anyone have more details, it would be much appreciated.

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