Chinese Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV)

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    Don't know why is this deep sea glider fell under embargo list. They must tought it has military application Anyway it takes them 12 years to indigenously developed deep sea glider and now it beat world record dive. From Henri K

    We all remember the submarine glider of the US Navy that was seized in mid-December 2016 in the South China Sea and then returned some time later by China, but few know that the Chinese have also developed for about ten Year the same type of gear.

    The same submarine glider model of the US Navy was captured by China in December 2016. (Photo: US Navy)

    One of them, the Hai Yi (翼 翼), or Sea Wings if translated literally, has just beat the world record depth for underwater gliders , reaching 6,329 meters below sea level , Before being successfully recovered by scientists from the Shenyang Institute of Automation (SIA), a sub-entity of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

    The Chinese submarine glider, developed by SIA teams since 2003, departed on January 15 with the oceanographic vessel of the Exploration-1 abyss , for a mission that is expected to last two months in the Mariana pit in the west Of the Pacific Ocean.

    The vessel has accumulated 87 hours and 48 minutes of diving in 12 descents, and has traveled a distance of 134.6 km under the sea, which allows it to send back a significant amount of scientific data on the pit.

    "When the 6 329 meter data came down to us, we were all overjoyed. "Said JIN Wen Ming, one of the 31 SIA researchers onboard Exploration-1," But I was a bit stressed because last year we lost touch with the 'One of our submarine gliders who wanted to challenge the 6,000 meter level. "

    This success of the glider Hai Yi will now allow Chinese researchers to work on the next step - the 7,000 meters deep.

    The project of this Chinese submarine glider was launched in 2003 following the embargo of the associated technologies by the western countries. In October 2005, the first prototype of Hai Yi was manufactured and led the first trials to the lake successfully.

    Other prototypes, 2 meters long and capable of reaching 1,200 meters in depth, were quickly designed.

    Trials at sea have been chained with three trips near China in 2009, the first descent in the Pacific Ocean in 2001, the first tour in the South China Sea in July 2012, and endurance tests of more than 1,000 km And on 30 days in September 2014. And after every test campaign the machine evolves, both in capacity and in functionality.

    In 2015, after 12 years of development, the first submarine glider Hai Yi industrial version was delivered to Chinese customers.

    The development team of the submarine glider Hai Yi (Photo: SIA)

    The trajectory of the various outings to the sea, until 2015, of the submarine glider Hai Yi (Photo: SIA)

    It should be noted that other Chinese submarine glider projects are also in development. Examples include the Hai Yan (海燕) of the University of Tianjin, which is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system, or the Hai Xiang (海翔) of the 702 Institute of the naval group CSIC, which has Conducted a test in the South China Sea two years ago.

    Henri K.

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