Chinese strategic response to US/Afghan military action in Pakistan?

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    Recently both the Afghan and the US presidents have expressed that their military forces would openly operate in Pakistan against terrorist elements.

    If this does happen (and there is plenty of public news sources that indicate it is already happening at least 'covertly') then there are likely going to be military engagements between or among US, Afghan, Pakistani, and terrorist forces which may de-stabilize Pakistan.

    Are there feasible Chinese military responses or preparations to maintain stability along their border with Pakistan?

    Considering Pakistan is a major Chinese military ally, what else might China do militarily?

    Please note this is not about the politics, but strictly how might such a scenario develope or be handled militarily.
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    Pakistan is also a US ally. I doubt anything too provocative will happen as a result.

    There is no doubt that the portions of Pakistan that the US is focused on are marginally, or not at all, under the control of Pakistani forces. My guess is there will be some arrangement between the nations for US and Afghan forces in "hot pursuit" of terrorists fleeing into those areas.

    China should secure its own borders militarily, and perhaps seek a similar arrangement if there are militants terrorizing China and then fleeing into uncontrolled areas of Pakistan along its own borders. Short of that, any Chinese actions militarily against this would lead a much, much worse situation IMHO.

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