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Discussion in 'Strategic Defense' started by swimmerXC, Mar 4, 2006.

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    You are missing the point. And I don't know why.
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    The idea is to take back not just Taiwan, but to its north too. Just a matter of time, so be patient and keep quiet.
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    Janiz is a troll. Please everyone ignore him. She/he does not deserve the attention.
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    Breaking news:
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    Taiwan is an unfinished business left over from Chinese civil war.It was a Chinese territory during the Qing dynasty but ceded to Japan in the aftermath of 1890 war. But return to China after WWII But due to west opposition to Mao it was recognized as the legitimate Republic of China under the defeated KMT instead of PRC.

    For a long time it was not on priority list as there are other urgent business that need to take care of .

    But make no mistake it is just like an old wound that festered under the skin, It will be resolved .
    And the Chinese revolution is as much as national revolution than communist revolution.
    The goal is national rejuvenation to reclaim China's rightful place in the world
    Having the country divided is slap in the face and the greatest impediment to that goal

    For a long time KMT is the governing party and they are like CCP still believe in eventual reconciliation .But that dream is faded due to the rise of Green party taking control of government and they inclined more toward independence.

    To prevent de jure secession,China laid the red line by passing the anti secessionist law that stipulate when China will interfere. And one of condition is China can't wait forever for the reunification.

    Make no mistake that PLA modernization is working toward that goal. China would prefer to have peace over Taiwan strait
    For that to happen every government that have relation with China have to accept the principle of one China with Beijing as the legal entity of China.

    Now that Thrump want to bargain that position all bet are off. And we are in for a possible conflict
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    I was thinking to put this into the WTH thread.

    A Chinese warship has seized an underwater drone belonging to the US navy vehicle in international waters of the South China Sea, according to reports.

    The incident has prompted a formal demarche from the United States and a demand for its return, a US defense official said.

    It is the first such seizure in recent memory and took took place on 15 December northwest of Subic Bay, just as the USNS Bowditch – an oceanographic survey ship – was about to retrieve the vehicle, an official told Reuters.

    US stealth jets to Australia in response to South China Sea tension
    On Thursday the US Pacific fleet said it was ready to confront China should it continue to pursue overreaching maritime claimes in the sea.

    The news also comes as the Philippine foreign secretary said Friday his country won't take any steps against China in response to reports it apparently has installed anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons on its new artificial islands in the disputed Sea.

    Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. said that while the United States and other countries might take actions to ensure freedom of navigation and overflight in the disputed waters, the Philippines will not take any steps that would reignite tensions.

    When asked if the Philippine foreign affairs department plans to issue any statement or ask China to clarify, Yasay said, “We want to make sure that there will be no further actions that will heighten the tensions between the two countries, particularly in the Scarborough Shoal.”

    Related Video: Chinese government 'seriously concerned' by Trump stance on Taiwan
    He was referring to a disputed fishing area off the Philippines' northwestern coast where tensions recently eased when Chinese coast guard ships allowed Filipinos to fish after blocking them from the area for years. China's change of tact came after President Rodrigo Duterte met his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in Beijing in October.

    Once-hostile ties with China have improved under Mr Duterte, who has reached out to China and Russia while taking a hostile stance toward the US government, which has criticised his bloody crackdown on illegal drugs.

    The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a US security think tank, said in a report late on Wednesday that China appears to have installed anti-aircraft guns and close-in weapons systems designed to guard against missile attack on its seven newly created islands in the disputed sea.

    Mr Yasay said in a news conference in Singapore, where he and other officials are accompanying Mr Duterte on a visit, that “there is nothing that we can do about that now, whether or not it is being done for purposes of further militarizing these facilities that they have put up.”

    “We cannot stop China at this point in time and say 'Do not put that up.' We will continue to pursue peaceful means at which all of these can be prevented,” he said.

    His remarks differed from Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, who expressed concerns over the CSIS report and said the government was attempting to verify it.

    “If true, it is a big concern for us and the international community who uses the South China Sea lanes for trade,” Mr Lorenzana said on Thursday. “It would mean that the Chinese are militarizing the area, which is not good.”
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    East Asia is our Region, Spoiling for a fight is unwelcome. US should use diplomacy and concrete military solutions. Understand the importance of Chinese culture "Never make them lose face". The 21st Century is not the 19th or early 20th Centuries when the Qing Dynasty had no choice as it was powerless against the Colonial powers that bullied the nation then. Time for the incoming Trump Administration to note that Politics & Diplomacy are UNLIKE business negotiations & actions. "Let there be PEACE on Earth this Christmas & 2017".
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    The Good Ole Boys just can't accept a changing world in front of their eyes, therefore they are having a problem adjusting to a growing and more powerful PRC that doesn't accept the status quo. Childish mantra to say the least IMO.
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    I agree with the basis of what you said and I add to it by noting US is a Pacific Nation and has extensive, vital, and legitimate interests in the Indo-Pacific region. China and US should work together and share leadership, not only making the partnership successful, but provide economic development, security assurance, and other public goods to the Indo-Pacific. To achieve that, US must recognize China no longer accepts US military primacy as basis of the Asian security order, and take steps to workup a mutually-acceptable scheme to lead the region. China, on the other hand, must recognize America's vital national interests in the Indo-Pacific and accept strong US presence in the region.
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    It is not a warship. It is one of Nan(南, South)Jiu(救,rescue) series ship, NATO call this kind "Dalang class".
    China did not use warship to counter unarmed American spyship. You are not armed, me neither, just make a fairplay.
    Another detail of proof that how desperately MSM is attempting to make China as the inciter and provoker.
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