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    Hi guys I am back after my ban :)

    I want to first of all apologise for my behaviour on SDF during the Indo-Pak conflict

    My emotions got the better of me and I got carried away

    After degassing mainly on PDF I hope everything is calmed down here and i am actually glad Deino banned me because I would have just brought the standard down on SDF

    SDF is meant to be not like other forums as such we hold ourselves to higher standard

    I have been a long time member and this was my first ever ban, mainly due to the fact that I am very over enthusiastic about JF17 and even more when it first saw combat

    Again I am not here to advertise or get any reaction only to clear up the mid-understanding

    Normally that is not me if it was I would have been permanently banned long time again


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    Jun 23, 2013
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    OK Mr. Iqbal I now noticed this thread, was curious, well the thing is I've kept you on My Ignore list for years, anyway on several occasions still noticed you had called me "troll"; I then reported you, your post got deleted, and that was it (for me), and I of course can't know how many times you referred to my posts;

    you know, I don't want anything from you, but I take this opportunity to ask you not to make offensive statements directed at me LOL I admit my blood pressure got elevated when I saw that type of post upon return from a pub at midnight, actually it's then tempting to say something in return, and I don't need this type of "adrenaline"

    so I'll now remove you from my Ignore List, hoping we can even discuss stuff

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    Good Show Gentlemen! love and respect you both immensely,, and Asif, it takes a big man to say I'm sorry, and an even bigger man to "open up" about what actually "got you going"!

    so Master Asif and Master Jura, prayers and Blessings to you both, may we all live in peace, defending freedom and honor, among honorable men,, I know you both as Dad's, and as a Dad our children need us to show them how a kind and honorable man acquits himself in this difficult world....

    so now that we are "unburdening" ourselves, I made the worst landing last night than I have made in a long, long time... flying my little brothers Cardinal, strutless wing and stabilator, it flys "differently".... having said that, I fly it rather well, and made the transition easier than my little brother....

    so I've flown 3 times in a week, I was feeling very confidant, we climbed to 4500 ft on a beautiful moonlit night, my first night flight in the Cardinal, we arrived at our destination which I had spotted the East/West runway about 10 miles out, I entered the pattern for a left downwind landing runway 36....

    I flew the approach a little high and tight, as the approach end of the runway was "pitch black", I nailed my target airspeed of 90 IAS in the pattern and gradually bled the speed off to 80 IAS on short final, I added full flaps, I knew I was a little high, the airspeed was dropping through 70 IAS and rather than watching the runway lights out of my peripheral vision, I focused on the small spot illuminated by the landing light.....

    yep, big mistake, I flared late and touched down on the nose wheel, which while not too bad, allowed the very short main gear to slam onto the runway, this resulted in a somewhat "tail high" bounce, my little brother says "Bax! Bax! Bax!, to which I reply "Ive got it". as I shoved the throttle to the wall for a classic go around, he reached over and pushed in the carb heat, which has a locking button in the center, "I hate that damned thing", and I pushed the flap lever up to the first notch, and once we had a positive rate of climb, I pushed the lever to fully retract the flaps....

    I wasn't afraid, but after the mains contacted, I realized I was one step away from a very ugly "porpoise" where the divergent bounces increase in amplitude until you either take out the nose gear, (our airplane had a previous lower firewall repair), Cardinals are famous for this... or thankfully ground to a halt, my brother stated, I think you could have saved it, but, full throttle instantly returned the aircraft to heel!

    Humbling, but I learned a lot, in the next days, weeks, and months, I will "instant replay" this whole event several hundred times!

    Hopefully it will never happen again!, but human nature being what it is?? and that's my point, when you realize you're about to "porpoise", STOP!, take the high road, and "Go Around"!

    I have immense respect for each of you Gentleman, Asif, I also remember when you spoke out against the violence racking our world, you deserve all our respect for standing up for life, going forward, knowing your passion, my respect has only increased...

    We all have a bias for our own countries if we are indeed patriots, Asif, I can especially relate to your love for the JF-17, the Mig-21 driver was recovered alive and released immediately when authorities regained control of the situation, that's very commendable, and you should be proud of your countrymen and their display of "good will"....

    I'm glad your back my friend, and thank you for defending civility on the SDF, and Jura, thank you for sharing your concerns as well......

    My little brother seemed happy to inform me: that's the worst landing we've ever made!
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    Ok, make this thread sticky.
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    Hats off my friend and my deepest respect !

    Welcome back and please continue with your valuable posts. :)
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