Armed Militants attack and hold Pakistanis Police Academy

Discussion in 'World Armed Forces' started by rhino123, Mar 30, 2009.

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    Just read from the news that there is a group of around 10 to 20 armed militants that charged into a Pakistanis police acadamy and practically take over the acadamy then fought for around 8 hours with the government forces before being taken out.

    This show a surprisingly similar pattern to the one found in Mumbai.

    Really disturbing. The armed militants are now taking on the government services and seemingly easily.

    I am wondering what type of military capability that these militants actually have. Any thoughts?
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    Small arms and grenades certainly. Suicide bomb belts probably. RPGs and LMGs possibly. Radios and/or cell phones for communication. Possibly body armour.

    In terms of training, there are plenty of veterans from Afghanistan that can teach them the use of these weapons, and they probably recieved training specific to this type of act (ie shoot as many as you can, go for important people's offices, don't go down without detonating yourself etc. etc.) and they were probably briefed on the layout of the building and nature of security etc.

    However I seriously doubt that they recieved classic squad-style tactical training. That would take to long and the men that did this were disposable. Furthermore, that's not really the Taliban's style of fighting.

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