Americans afraid of China?

Discussion in 'Members' Club Room' started by Jones Henry, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Longaxe

    Longaxe New Member

    Sep 18, 2005
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    PPP is the most accurate measure.
  2. skyhawk2005

    skyhawk2005 Banned Idiot

    Sep 14, 2005
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    You are an idiot. As usual, you reply in ignorance and generalizations.

    You are an embarrassment to your race.
  3. MIGleader

    MIGleader Banned Idiot

    Aug 29, 2005
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    generalizations, eh? ity seems you are the one who cant point out reasons why. please elaborate. you arnt even chinese, so shut your trap. i would call you some mean names, but i dont want to be warned.

    this is a personal attack...
    Ban this guy!
  4. Obcession

    Obcession Junior Member

    Aug 29, 2005
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    Guys cool it, no personal insults.

    :eek:ff I love that smilee!
    :china: I love this one too!
    :nono: And this one!
  5. MIGleader

    MIGleader Banned Idiot

    Aug 29, 2005
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    we need to show :nono: and :eek:ff and :china: to the old vince...hed be so pissed...
  6. chopsticks

    chopsticks Junior Member

    Sep 27, 2005
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    yes that is true, since China produces almost all her consumer products.

    about the point of Us Gdp worth "11 trillion", just think, 2b for 1 b2 bomber?!, 1b a week for iraq war?!, and more disgustingly overpriced projects and money wasted by pentagon underground. Just think, a normal meal that will fill you up (hotdogs dont count) in Usa on the average street might cost maybe $2.50Usd???(i'm not sure just estimating). In China (i've been there twice), it would cost ~ $0.75Usd in Shanghai, $0.30 in other cities, and ~ $0.15 in the more western areas of China, so there u have it, the importance of measurement in PPP.

    if America were to totally eliminate her debt, FIRST she would have to turn the 400B+ (not sure the amt now, its rising every year?!) deficit into a SURPLUS. Then, assuming the Gdp is still ~ 11 trillion, she would have to save ~ 10% of her Gdp every year, which would amount to about 1 trillion, for 7 (SEVEN) years. do you know how much belt tightening is that? that is a whopping 1.4+ trillion turn around. and that is gonna cost - the military especially. (since military products generate minimal economic returns)

    the worst part is - the Us economy would still probably crash anyway because of such sudden action.

    point is, Us CANNOT win China in an arms race in the long term. While China economy is growing at 9% (some say 11%?!), Us economy is growing much much much slower, and with increasing debt (ie "credit card" growth).

    China is moving and growing SO FAST that every MONTH (not year!!!) its construction output equals to building a city the size of HOUSTON!!!!!! :eek:
    -and that too my friends, is at an increasing pace. ;)
  7. tphuang

    tphuang Brigadier
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    Aug 29, 2005
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    there is no way China can continue growing at 9%. Just look at all the social problems in China and stuff like that. With the forced currency re-evaluation, the trade surplus won't be as huge. The 9% growth rate is just too hard to maintain.
  8. Schumacher

    Schumacher Senior Member

    Sep 16, 2005
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    Another thing to note is the RMB-US$ rate. In the next 5-10 yrs, how much will US$ fall ? At least 20% vs RMB if u ask me. I think Japan had the biggest economy in the world briefly in the 80s due to the high Yen then.
    When your currency falls, the size of your economy falls.
    Don't u think Italy's economy being bigger than China's has something to do with the Euro's value ? :)
    Of course, it's the Chinese themselves who like to keep RMB low.
    Another thing abt the Chinese economic figures is that the service sector like insurance, health care etc are much under reported and we know how big the service sector is in western economies.
  9. coolieno99

    coolieno99 Junior Member

    Sep 27, 2005
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    Having a technical superior weapon doesn't always translate into victory. This is proven in the Vietnam War. This admission was later reaffirmed by Robert McNamara, former Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War.
    The following is a list of all fixed-wing losses(combat and accidental) during the Vietnam War. Most of the U.S. aircraft combat losses were due to groundfires(ZSU radar-guided quad 23mm AA guns and SA-2 missiles). Also about 550 U.S. airmen were held as prisoners of war by the North Vietnamese. :coffee:

    United States Air Force
    * A-1 Skyraider 201
    * A-7 Corsair 6
    * A-26 Invader 22
    * A-37 Dragonfly 22
    * AC-47 Gunship I 19
    * AC-119 Gunship III 5
    * AC-130 Gunship II 6
    * B-52 Stratofortress 31
    * B-57 Canberra 58
    * C-7 Caribou 20
    * C-47 Skytrain 21
    * C-123 Provider 54
    * C-130 Hercules 60
    * C-141 Starlifter 2
    * EB-66 Destroyer 14
    * EC-121 Bat Cat 2
    * F-4 Phantom II 445
    * F-5 Freedom Fighter 9
    * F-100 Super Sabre 242
    * F-102 Delta Dagger 14
    * F-104 Starfighter 14
    * F-105 Thunderchief 397
    * F-111 Aardvark 11
    * HU-16 Albatross 2
    * KB-50 Superfortress 1
    * KC-135 Stratotanker 3
    * O-1 Bird Dog 178
    * O-2 104
    * OV-10 Bronco 64
    * QU-22 9
    * RF-4 Phantom 83
    * RF-101 Voodoo 38
    * SR-71 Blackbird 2
    * T-28 Trojan 23
    * U-2 Dragon Lady 1
    * U-3 Blue Canoe 1
    * U-6 Beaver 1
    * U-10 Courier 1

    United States Navy
    * A-1 Skyraider 65
    * A-3 Skywarrior 20
    * A-4 Skyhawk 271
    * A-6 Intruder 59
    * A-7 Corsair 99
    * C-1 Trader 4
    * C-2 Greyhound 3
    * C-47 Skytrain 1
    * E-1 Tracer 3
    * E-2 Hawkeye 2
    * EA-1 Skyraider 5
    * EC-121 Warning Star 1
    * F-4 Phantom 128
    * F-8 Crusader 117
    * OV-10 Bronco 7
    * P-2 Neptune 4
    * P-3 Orion 2
    * RA-5 Vigilante 26
    * RF-8 Crusdader 31
    * S-2 Tracker 6

    United States Marine Corps
    * A-4 Skyhawk 81
    * A-6 Intruder 25
    * C-117 Skytrain 2
    * EA-6 Prowler 2
    * EF-10 Skynight 5
    * F-4 Phantom 98
    * F-8 Crusader 21
    * KC-130 Hercules 4
    * O-1 Bird Dog 7
    * OV-10 Bronco 10
    * RF-4 Phantom 4
    * RF-8 Crusader 1
    * TA-4 Skyhawk 10
    * TF-9 Cougar 1

    North Vietnamese aircraft
    Fixed-wing losses (to aircraft only)
    * An-2 4 claimed
    * MiG-17 Fresco 100 (110 claimed)
    * MiG-19 Farmer 10 claimed
    * MiG-21 Fishbed 86 (90 claimed)

    People's Republic of China aircraft
    Fixed-wing losses (to aircraft only)
    * MiG-17 Fresco 3 claimed

  10. Liberator

    Liberator Junior Member

    Aug 29, 2005
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    Ok, let me show something...

    We need to :nono: Vincelee and raise the :china: over his @$$.


    U guys are... :eek:ff !!!
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