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Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by bd popeye, Jan 4, 2019.

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    Andreas, its a joke brother, a bit of "sardonic humor" that likely made Popeye smile, no one on the Sino Defense Forum has been more appreciative and complimentary of our moderators than the "Air Force Brat"! I challenge you to find anyone who has been more personally complimentary to you, and of your work on the forum as a moderator, and your ability to "glean information from a single photograph and excellent articles on Chinese aircraft and in particular the J-20.

    Yes, you have many friends, fans, and followers here on SDF, but I, and I alone have volunteered to "carry your bags", as you made a "factory tour" at Chengdu Aircraft, something that the Chinese Government and Chengdu should seriously consider..... and that I have advocated!

    I am absolutely heart-broken to hear that your Sister in Law's cancer has returned, I was a hospice Chaplain for 5 years prior to Obamacare. I have held the hands of my patients and their families, and prayed with and cried as well as laughed, with my patients as I attempted to ease their pain and sorrow at the prospect of dying. I often held their hands, as they passed from this life of pain and sorrow, into what I pray and hope is a Glorious Eternity!

    I too went to stay with my own brother who is having a very painful and difficult fight with Pancreatic Cancer on my own Christmas Holyday's, unless our Gracious and Loving God brings him healing, he will likely not see another Christmas, I will pray for your poor Brother, his Wife, and their poor babies, thank you my Brother, for being there for each of them, I can't imagine their sorrow and grief at the return of this horrible, heart breaking disease..

    I am very sorry to have hurt you feelings, truly and deeply sorrowful, I can only imagine how broken and distressed you must be at present... I can only hope that this public apology, and note of explanation will lift your heart, and restore your joy, I will very sincerely and hopefully pray for your sister's life and health, you know you have only my good will and prayers for Blessings upon you yourself personally, and your whole family... especially your Brother and his Wife, and their children of 3 and 5, my goodness what a heartache for these precious little people

    I can also offer you my full assurance that BD was NOT in any way wishing to cast any shadow in your direction, or at any other moderator. Nobody, loves this forum, and the Gentlemen of SDF more that BD Popeye, I was wishing to encourage our brother to rejoin our forum moderators. I know that it is very difficult for our friend Jeff to continue to carry out his duties as a moderator... I know that you too love this forum, and you are a great encouragement to many.. I pray that you will accept not only my apology, but my encouragement to "stay the course" here on SDF, and thank you for the countless hours that you continue to devote to this outstanding forum! Thank you, and many, many Blessings to you and your family!
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    We have to give due respect the Senior Moderators/Members like Popeye & others. We realise various posts/comments during the past few years, have become robust and at times undiplomatic. This is a learning process, and care has to be taken not to resort to personal insults. Moderators are selected volunteers & do not have an easy job especially to be seen un-bias. There will be several participants in this blog from all countries, careers, personalities, political and cultural alignments. However, the great thing about Sino-Defence is that thru' the years this has been an "active blog". As contributors, we have to respect rules & regulations, & don't be offended if some comments have been deleted or occasionally being ticked off for unreasonable or insulting. Sino-Defence I believe practices DEMOCRACY but let us not condone to turn it into to a DEMO-CRAZY with all sorts of political, economic, social-cultural & security/military innuendos. Here's wishing all a Great 2019, & to Our Chinese friends "Gong Xi Fa Cai" for the Lunar New Year in early February 2019. Advill (Singapore).
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    Sorry If I offended anyone in any way. I sincerely apologize. I had no idea that mods could no longer merge threads...Once again so sorry if I offended anyone.
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    Hey popeye,

    I sent a message out to the group conversations where I asked if anyone has the ability to merge threads. I think only Webby has that power now. Maybe has something to do with the board format change.

    In the mean time we can sticky the new thread and unstick the old one.

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