1st Raptor Kill at Red Flag

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    Uh, not necessarily. It's still got a very effective gun...and going gun to gun against it is going to be very difficult. Particualrly when you cannot get your own missiles to work against it. Listen to what the agressor squadron people (who to this point have been the best we have in many respects) are saying...

    "The thing denies your ability to put a weapons system on it, even when I can see it through the canopy," said RAAF Squadron Leader Stephen Chappell, F-15 exchange pilot in the 65th AS. "It's the most frustrated I've ever been."

    "We [even] tried to overload them with numbers and failed," said Colonel Bruce. "It's humbling to fly against the F-22." This is a remarkable testimony because the Red Flag aggressor pilots are renowned for their skill and experience. Lt. Col. Dirk Smith, 94th Fighter Squadron commander, said the aggressor forces represent the most lethal threat friendly forces would ever face.
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    The LPI can't be detected by [current RWR that need a few seconds to register that they are being "painted". Currently, the only way an opponent know that it is being targeted by a missile is when the AMRAAM's active radar is detected by the RWR at 5 miles away. At this point, it may be too late.

    Now when the US miniaturizes this radar to fit into an AMRAAM, then warning will be zero.

    The tactics that you mentioned is just one of many possible tactics that the F-22 offers.
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    I just cant believe ppl will deny F-22 as the best fighter still.... lyk look at the facts, J-10 are no comparison....

    "if u're not better than them, try ot beat them, not live in your own ball of happiness and self-acheivement"

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