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  1. CX-1 Cruise Missile
  2. PLAN breaking news, pictures, and videos
  3. PLAN anti-ship missile question?
  4. Chinese Company Poly Technologies unveils a "Rocket Assisted Torpedo" system
  5. CSSC Corporate Responsibility Report...
  6. Some PLN's warship
  7. complete amphibious assault inventory and other questions
  8. PLAN Littoral Combat Ships II
  9. PLAN Future FFG design
  10. PLAN Type 052C/052D Class Destroyers
  11. Sea change – Naval development in China Seas
  12. P18N Chinese OPV Export: News, Views, Pics & Videos
  13. Naval Strategic and Operational Discussion
  14. Rising Sea Dragon in Asia (PLAN) 2014 Update
  15. Sinodefence forum rules of behavior
  16. PLAN Littoral ASW Capability
  17. New class PLAN Assault Vessel. Designation?
  18. PLAN Type 093/094 Nuclear Submarine Thread
  19. PLAN DDG 136, 137, 138 & 139: The Four Under-rated Unsung Heroes
  20. Japanese ships disrupted Chinese naval exercises
  21. PLAN Yuan Class AIP & Kilo Submarine Thread
  22. PLAN overseas deployment and excercises a list
  23. Optical fiber acoustic transducer linear matrix (SOSUS)
  24. PLAN laser program
  25. PRC President reviews PLAN Naval Air
  26. PLAN Carrier Construction
  27. PLAN Naval Helicopter II
  28. Type 055 DDG - PLAN's Next Generation Destroyer Thread
  29. PLAN Aircraft Carrier programme..News & Views
  30. Question regarding naval air defence (illumination, missile guidance)
  31. 2013 China Russia Joint Naval Training
  32. Chinese Navy point defense systems.
  33. PLAN Naval Aviation Training Facility
  34. PLAN invited to participate in RIMPAC for first the time (2014)
  35. Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands
  36. Chinese Shipbuilder CSOC unveiled new Frigate, LHD and Submarine designs at IDEX 2013
  37. PLAN Anti-ship missiles
  38. Japanese Defence Minister: Helicopter & DDG "locked on" by Chinese Frigates' Radar
  39. China Mobile offshore base
  40. Think 2012 was a major year for the PLA? If so, then better prepare for 2013.
  41. Jeff Head's 2013 Report on the PLAN
  42. PLAN Type 054A checked for Z-20 fit
  43. PLAN current Inventory of Modern Vessels
  44. Hu Jintao urges PLAN to modernize....
  45. There's a need for China to build Zumwalt type radar evading style destroyers.
  46. Chinese North Sea Fleet training exposure
  47. Helicopter & VTOL UAV Landing grids: DCNS wins new orders in China
  48. Diaoyutai dispute
  49. Naval armaments
  50. The Sino-Japanese Naval War of 2012
  51. Photos of Varyag: pictures taken by a very special guest
  52. Type 560 Runs Aground
  53. Beijing Confronts Long-Standing Weakness in ASW
  54. Future naval warfare ideas
  55. PLAN Littoral Combat Ships II
  56. Chinese female navy team training
  57. Inside China: Admiral says China can destroy destroyers? true or not?
  58. PLAN Taskforce 171 special openhouse, 01/05/2012
  59. Several new Chinese ship designs for export unveilled
  60. china develops dosmectic launch system for her future a/c carrier
  61. The PLAN tryiing out new pennant number painting style?
  62. Who Is Buying These Old PLAN Ships?
  63. 2012 Update to Jeff Head's Rising Sea Dragon in Asia Site
  64. Behind the China Missile Hype
  65. Fleet supply vessels
  66. Discussing future and (im)possible carrier technology
  67. A UK "skyhook" named system on ships for launching and retrieveing sea harriers?
  68. Tujiatang EMALS testing facility
  69. Chinese Naval Base in Seychelles?
  70. China confronts Indian navy vessel
  71. North Korea PRing Visiting PLAN Sailors
  72. Dalian Nuclear Submarine Accident?
  73. Submarines and mines truly undetectable to active sonar might become a reality soon
  74. PLAN LHD/LPH/LHA discussion
  75. PLAN's MK41 has been successfully tested
  76. PLAN Torpedos
  77. The PLAN LCAC Landing Craft Air Cushion
  78. The situation in south china sea
  79. J-15 Carrier Multirole Fighter thread
  80. Speculation and facts on future Chinese vessels
  81. PLAN Strategy in the Taiwan Strait
  82. Rumored Arsenal Cruiser 055
  83. seeking specific photos of missile firings
  84. China's Amphibious Assault IFV/Light tank ZBD 2000
  85. Jeff Head's 2011 Update of the Rising Sea Dragon in Asia now Posted
  86. What should China do when Japan & US conduct biggest ever military drill?
  87. PLAN Vessel Inventory
  88. China's Naval Force
  89. PLAN torpedoes
  90. PLAN Type 056 Class OPV/Corvette
  91. PLAN Command and Control Capabilities...has it improved?
  92. China the World's Largest Navy?
  93. Live Fire Excercise PLAN & Australian Navy
  94. Future PLAN WARSHIPS
  95. 2010 PLAN Deployments
  96. PLAN ships should have these guns
  97. The PLAN's Future Areas of Operation
  98. PLAN Taskforce 529 open house - Massive photo link!!
  99. China naval drills in East China Sea
  100. Some features of new YJ anti-ship missile revealed
  101. China needs pour more money into upgrading its production facility
  102. 2010 UPDATE to Rising Sea Dragon in Asia
  103. Bluffer's Guide: Chinese Naval Power
  104. Chinese electronic surveillance ship
  105. PLAN: submarines or aircraft carrier?
  106. China SIGINT
  107. What are these ships?
  108. PLAN modernization
  109. Naval Helicopter thread
  110. Does a hurriance have the strength to flip a supercarrier over??
  111. Russian Naval Weapons for sale
  112. anti-sub capability advancement of PLAN.
  113. Is the large Missile Destroyer/Cruiser becoming obsolete?
  114. article about PLAN C-3 .
  115. 2009 Naval Review to be held in China
  116. Pentagon accuses Chinese vessels of harassing U.S. ship
  117. New replensihment ship 888 entering service
  118. China's Gator Navy makes marginal strides
  119. 2009 Update to Jeff Head's PLAN pages
  120. The benefit of building a Nuke-powered destroyer or crusier.
  121. Chinese Sub Strategy
  122. Should China foward deploy ships to Gwadar?
  123. Chinese Deployed Ships
  124. Deep Submersible SAM (DSS)
  125. PLAN Anti-Piracy Deployments
  126. A Nuclear Spil is it possible?
  127. Question on the ATAKOR 937
  128. PLAN Type 054 FFG Thread II
  129. Nuclear powered guided missile battlecruiser
  130. Why triple torpedo tubes?
  131. Sea Based Cruise Missile
  132. China Coast Guard and Patrol vessels
  133. Some Sonar detection data.
  134. Photos from the historic Japanese navy's visit to China
  135. Ideal PLAN Mobile Offshore Base.
  136. 095 the soon-to-be surfaced nuke attack sub
  137. 1980s submarine propulsion concept make a come back
  138. /W oil price all time high, some naval platforms would be unusable.
  139. Future Chinese Surface Combat system (WIP)
  140. would MLRS and PGMs be a deterrent force in the taiwan strait against carrier group?
  141. The design of a super-stealthy asymmetric anti-ship cruise missile..
  142. PLAN South Seas Fleet and Bases
  143. Vidéos of chinese SS N-22 Sunburn
  144. Experiment ship 892 finally in service
  145. PLAN Type 035/039/091/092 Submarine Thread
  146. Future Chinese Missile Destroyer?
  147. 6-cel HQ-7?
  148. Gollevainen needs your help!!
  149. What can you see from this picture?
  150. 1st PLAN Visit to Japan
  151. Massive PLAN naval exercise on Thanksgiving
  152. Aphibious warfare using the submarine??
  153. PLAN sub appears close to the USS Kitty Hawk again?
  154. Catamaran designs and implications for the PLAN
  155. Ship visit strengthens Defence ties between China and Australia
  156. Ideal PLAN submarine
  157. China's Navy "new" Hospital ship
  158. Training ship offer to Royal Malaysian Navy
  159. Extending the range of anti-ship missile.
  160. A navy one shot one kill
  161. What is "CSAN-2 SAM" ?
  162. PLAN close in weapon
  163. General ship propulsion
  164. Type 081 LHD
  165. Very good article regarding China related findings from Imdex 2007
  166. SS-N-27 Klub
  167. Participate in CTF-150?
  168. A CG picture of Chinese cruiser
  169. F-22P and 053 series
  170. Midget subs and submersible craft
  171. Submarine first, Carrier second
  172. PLAN test new aegis radar.
  173. 094
  174. at info on this ??
  175. Let's vote for the name of Chinese first carrier
  176. What's difference between the Sizzler and the Sunburn
  177. Ideal of DDG 167 improvement
  178. The third 054A unveiled today!(Large pic)
  179. Chinese New LPD!?(Very large pic)
  180. China's secret weapon:Ocean killer
  181. PLAN textbook, Strongly suggested to all
  182. Chinese naval SAM exports?
  183. Jianghu FFG transferred to Coast Guard?
  184. more upgraded Sovremenny
  185. PLAN and USN 2006 and 2007 comparisons
  186. Japanese have a plan to deal with Chinese new 094 nuclear sub
  187. Tall Ships
  188. PLAN did only two sub ´patrols´ in 2006!
  189. Future of Submarines - ejection capsules possible?
  190. Feasibility of a cheap air defence arsenal ship
  191. defecting chinese navy colonel
  192. Has PLAN crept ahead of ROKN in technology terms?
  193. PLAN supply ships
  194. "Very large chinese warship"???
  195. Asm
  196. Something new about 2007
  197. Ideal chinese carrier thread
  198. PLAN White Paper - long read
  199. Destroyers' effectiveness against Supersonic or Stealth Fighters
  200. PLAN guessing game
  201. China Navy Power
  202. If Taiwan acquires the Tichonderoga cruiser
  203. PLA advance in anti-ship missile
  204. China Submarines Tank Landing Ship (LST) ????
  205. Ideal Cruiser thread
  206. PLAN Amphibious assault capability
  207. UPI: "Taiwan plans to purchase.... two nuclear attack submarines."
  208. Replacing the Jianghus and sub-chasers?
  209. Ideal PLAN missile boat
  210. WiGE
  211. Hypothetical Taiwan Conflict Scenario(Tactics).
  212. Chinese sub surfaces undetected behind USS Kitty Hawk
  213. Taiwanese navy under-rated
  214. Impact of China's carrier race on South Korean Navy?
  215. PLAN Type 071 LPD & its Landing Craft
  216. Chinese Tomahawk enigma
  217. Shichang (82) Mrls
  218. The Luda: Start to finish....
  219. 051S Luda: GWS30 system realistic?
  220. Well since this exercise was aimed at dealing with Chinese SSKs, what do you think?
  221. AAD warship comparison exercise - type 051C and 052C in context of world navies
  222. TYPE 054 pic?
  223. PLAN List of ships
  224. Ideal PLAN DDG
  225. Ideal PLAN Frigate
  226. Ideal Chinese Blue Water Navy Thread
  227. corvettes instead of frigates?
  228. Type 051C and Type 052C, which one is more capable?
  229. PLAN Type 052/052B Class Destroyers
  230. Jl-2 Slbm
  231. Chinese shipbuilding industry
  232. Next generation Japanese destroyers, what it means for PLAN
  233. China receives 4 naval ships from Russia
  234. Chinese naval ships sail to visit USA, Canada and Philippines
  235. Supersonic AShM VS. Subsonic AShM
  236. The south sea fleet
  237. Could it Be?....
  238. China build ship for Algeria ?
  239. Replacing ship's main gun with 155mm artillery?
  240. Sierra vs Akula class for PLAN
  241. Israeli Barak SAM system for Chinese ships
  242. Type 094 SSBN Thread
  243. PLA exercises for PLAN
  244. PLAN Type 051B/C Class Destroyers
  245. 094 Confirmed???
  246. Deputy commander of PLAN sacked
  247. Another Richard Fisher article
  248. 774 lost at sea -breaking news
  249. New Hull Rumours Thread - Come along, pics of shipyard hulls, and let the rumours fly
  250. China pleased after observing "Valiant Shield"