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  1. A Chinese AF Fighter Jet Crashed Near Chengdu
  2. Modern close air support CAS
  3. China HUD HMS HMD DASH IHADSS HMSC developments
  4. Names for CHinese Aircraft
  5. China Aviation Museum
  6. PLAAF lands in Pakistan for 'Shaheen (Eagle) III' exercises with PAF.
  7. China's New Stealth Aircraft (J-23 and J-25)
  8. Chinese airships
  9. HQ-19/SC-19 Chinese THAAD
  10. Radar KLJ series
  11. the PLAAF VIP-aircraft
  12. Sinodefence forum rules of behavior
  13. Can anyone ID this helicopter that was used in the antarctic rescue?
  14. Ballistic Missiles, are they a solution to China lack of aerial tankers?
  15. Special mission An-24/Y-7 or testbed ?
  16. Numerical composition of 5th gen fleet of J20/J31
  17. Air Superiority over Chinese coastal waters
  18. East China Sea Air Defense ID Zone
  19. PLAAF Munitions II
  20. Nike Ajax: How the first surface-to-air missile changed warfare forever
  21. Mathematical model of air-to-air combat and loses
  22. Iaotian-1, a Chinese hypersonic reentry demonstrator
  23. US radar at chengdu?
  24. Can anyone identify ?
  25. Su-30MKK vs Su-30MK2
  26. Interesting: PLAAF once considered a J-6 VTOL
  27. China helping Iran to upgrade F-4 Phantoms
  28. J-11B, Su-35K vs F-15SE, F/A-18E/F Block III
  29. Question about 3d printing and aircraft weights
  30. Japan intercepts PLAAF Y-8 near Japan
  31. Modern jets no wing fence
  32. PLAAF JH-XX / H-X bomber concepts
  33. Z-x Compound helicopter Demonstrator
  34. Visit to NUAA
  35. Future Bombers
  36. Total # of Modern PRC Fighter Aircraft
  37. Z-20
  38. China Buys Tu-22MB Bomber Production Line from Russia
  39. PLAAF trainings
  40. J-20 The New Generation Fighter Thread IV
  41. An integrated air strategy for the PLAAF
  42. PLAAF's pilots
  43. Why doesn't PLA Reverse-Engineer the S-70 Black Hawk
  44. J-18 ???
  45. What happens to older aircraft that are being replaced in a modernization process ?
  46. future wing shapes of fighters
  47. Are female pilots as good?
  48. Stealth Discussion
  49. Future of the J-7 (and derivatives) in 3rd world air force
  50. Air Force Monthly August 2012
  51. Do China's third generation fighters have much combat value?
  52. Consequences of Flanker and PAK FA exports for the PACRIM from US-allied perspective?
  53. (zeppelin) balon with awacs / ecw / bvr missile is possible ?
  54. Falcon BMS (F-16 Simulator) Kashmir Conflict/Indo-Pak Theater
  55. Chinese purchase of Su-35.
  56. J-21
  57. Doctor Song paper
  58. Aerodynamics thread
  59. Borders of MR
  60. Photo of stealthy DH-10A?
  61. Chinese F-117A?
  62. Q-5 Fantan tread
  63. I Have No Clue What Is This Test About!
  64. PLAAF unit badges & patches !
  65. China maturing fighters forces
  66. unknown aircraft
  67. New airbase construction
  68. Progress-Ivchenko's new fighter jet engine
  69. How effective is Chinese Air Force in electronic warfare
  70. Has China already over-taken Russia in some sections of Military Avaiation ?
  71. Should China build the f-23?
  72. what happened to top.81-Forum !!!
  73. Chinese Engines Miss The Finish Line
  74. Chinese aircraft export market
  75. Tu-204-120CE delivered to the CFTE at Xian-Yanglian
  76. XionYing 301 ... real or what if !?
  77. Shenyang J-31 Fighter
  78. China has already attain the world second largest AirForce???
  79. COIN aircraft for the PLAAF?
  80. c-701 air to ground
  81. tech demostrator or fully fledge prototype
  82. attempts to obtain foreign combat types: Saab Draken, Mirage, Harrier, P-16 ....
  83. New JF-17/FC-1 Fighter Aircraft thread!!!
  84. J-20... The New Generation Fighter III
  85. future plaaf/planaf plane inventory
  86. Hypothetical PLAAF No Fly Zone
  87. Strange missile !! ... who can identify ?
  88. J-11 to J-19 aircraft INSIDER INFORMATION (from CJDBY)
  89. Sukhoi designer dies!
  90. AVIC acquires Cirrus Aircraft Induistries
  91. The Mysterious PLAAF's H8 & H9 Stealth Bomber... Rumour...? Reality...?
  92. SAC developing VTOL stealth fighter, called "Snowy Owl"
  93. Air Division, Regiments, etc
  94. PLAAF Rumours and Speculation (And sources to go to for R and S)
  95. Replacing the Legacy J7 and J8 fighters
  96. Chinese AESA development
  97. Z-19, the new attack helicopter
  98. J-20... The New Generation Fighter II
  99. Should WS-10 and WS-13 engine families swap designations?
  100. Plaaf 2020
  101. Please, help me identify this plane.
  102. PLAAF serial system - the old 4-digit ones !??
  103. Anti stealth radar.
  104. China to recieve an Export Waiver for the C-130
  105. PLAN Helos
  106. PLAAF H-10 bombers
  107. If This Is True, It Will Change Entire Ball Games Of Air Defenses
  108. China's Aerospace industry
  109. Future PLAAF H-8 Stealth Bomber
  110. Effectiveness of China's Air Defence?
  111. Saudi Arabia signed a contract with the U.S. government to give Saudi Arabia a licens
  112. Chinese Bunker-Busting Bombs
  113. (J9 J12)Some questions about the DefenceTalk Military Pictures
  114. Can anyone identify this Aircraft? - billed as J15
  115. UFO over China
  116. Do you think US company TriQuint allowed supply components for China AESA radar?
  117. Chinese Plane Designs - General Questions (and hopefully Answers)
  118. J-6 officially retires today
  119. T50's conventional cone shaped exhaust is not stealthy, hope china doesn't follow
  120. Iran S-300 resemble on display
  121. Advances in Chinese Laser SINS
  122. PLA Extends Pilot Training to High Schools
  123. Ideal PLAAF/PLANAF fighter?
  124. U.S. media article: China Police 2000 Early Warning aircraft
  125. New Military Airfield?
  126. Retractable missile launch pylon
  127. Is it too late now to refit J-10 and FC-1 with license produced Euro Engines?
  128. Planned IAF and PLA airforce wargames
  129. US unmanned global hawk shot down in Chanbai mountain
  130. lockheed d21 Debris in China
  131. Understanding of China Defense
  132. China Airforce 60th anniversary airshow.
  133. Thrust to Weight Ratios of almost all Fighters
  134. China cannot fight the US until it has an F-22 equivalent
  135. China obtain liscense to produce backfire bomber
  136. China's fire control x-band ASEA certified last year
  137. Many have said China has catched up or even surpassed Russia in electronic tech but..
  138. China disclosed J-10B fighter plane
  139. PLAAF's current strength
  140. any aircraft museums in Shanghai and Hangzhou
  141. Very Red
  142. Obama's plan of B2 design exchange for chinese debt
  143. How to deal with a drones war?
  144. The china Air Force in National Day for PRC's 60 anniversary
  145. Latest generation short-range air-to-air missile
  146. Chances PLAAF will have a stealth bomber by 2010?
  147. Bluffer’s Guide: Fortress Taiwan
  148. New Bomber Fleet of China's Airforce
  149. Aerodynamic research ... SAC - CAC !
  150. How many fighters does China have?
  151. IRST mounts discussion
  152. R-29 in China !???
  153. Klj-7
  154. J-10b
  155. PLAAF Instrumentation Standards
  156. Sino-Pakistani Stealth fighter
  157. PLAN will import Czech's vertical launching 141 plane.
  158. New J-10 Thread III
  159. The J-7 and older PLAAF aircraft
  160. an article on PLAAF's level of training
  161. J-20... The New Generation Fighter
  162. China's F-16
  163. An interesting F-22 RCS versus Frequency Plot
  164. JQ-X Fighter
  165. Chinese Aviation Industry
  166. Chinese Tu-4 questions
  167. China's Additional fighting power (What do you think?)
  168. XXJ ... Chinese fifth generation fighter
  169. GE map of PLAAF and PLANAF's bases
  170. Whats this?
  171. Supersonic Bomber/AWAC combo
  172. Coming of Age: China's Industry Highlighted in Aviation Week
  173. Xian's new anti-submarine plane
  174. Nanchang CJ-6 Owners 50th Anniversary Celebration
  175. unknown chines radar
  176. China Join Red Flag At Nellis?
  177. Sukhoi: J-11B is not Su-27
  178. Building a low cost stealth fighter in a tight schedule.
  179. Pilots Taining Duration
  180. Performance of Chinese amry aviation in the Wenchuan earthquake relief effort
  181. USAF-PLAAF engagement
  182. More powerful Aircraft
  183. 3d Models
  184. New type AC or PS?
  185. Aircraft Point Defence?
  186. US Air Force to China: Our geeks can beat up your geeks
  187. Key military sites air defence against stealth bomber bombing.
  188. Threat from a third world county
  189. Chinese(PLAAF) Servicemen’s Views of USAF Airmen and Education
  190. China's unmanned helicopter
  191. Ideal PLAAF Modifications
  192. China Flanker Thread II
  193. AC130 Counter Part Necessary OR Not
  194. Let's talk about the J-8II
  195. An End to Stealth ?
  196. Ideal Q5 replacement
  197. China plan small space shutter within 3 year.
  198. look what is under this H6?
  199. Development of China wind tunnel
  200. China should purchase CH-47 Chinook
  201. When US sells the Apache to Taiwan, will this pose a serious threat to China?
  202. Dog fighting not dead
  203. report of H-8 bomber
  204. Chinese UAV & UCAV development
  205. Ideal PLAAF and PLANAF air fleet
  206. J-10 vs J-11B
  207. Chinese new WZ-10 helicopter revealed
  208. Formation to go against stealth fighters like F22, and F35..
  209. Air defense against stealth bombers
  210. which missiles are that?
  211. Military Applications for ARJ21?
  212. Fc-20 = J-10?
  213. Any AESA radar development projects in China?
  214. FLIR/IR on SU-27/30
  215. China's Aircraft manufacturing Industry.
  216. Su-35
  217. Aeroplane procurement rates
  218. US Navy cites PLAAF to Justify F-18E/F Sensor Upgrade
  219. Chinas Unmanned air-combat craft, new in the Paris Air show
  220. PLAAF JZ8F first picture
  221. J-11B vs SU-30MKK
  222. No More EU Arms Embargo On China in 2020
  223. Military purpose airship
  224. PLAAF presence at Airshows?
  225. Video: China Flight Test Establishment (CFTE)
  226. ARM vs. Long-Range Air Defence Radar
  227. Who is Who in Chinese aviation history !?!
  228. Future projects of AVIC II
  229. question about this article
  230. New J-10 thread II
  231. Possible J-13(not ps)
  232. Taiwan's Reaction to PLA Force Modernization
  233. PLAAF reliance on Russian engines
  234. J-10 carrier version revealed
  235. J-14, Fan art
  236. PLAAF AND PLAN Pilot Training
  237. Offical media: Chinese new aerotransport "Yun-9" will be operational soon.
  238. To all SDF members !!!
  239. anti-stealth radar; carrierless radar
  240. Chinese abandon Russian Tor-M1 anti-air missile, in favour of their own HQ16
  241. Acquired the TU-22M "Backfire" Bombers
  242. the truth behind y-10
  243. Ideal naval carrier fighter(aircraft) designs.
  244. Any plans for PLANAF to develope stealth-bombers
  245. All About the Chinese Su-33
  246. About an accident of PLAAF
  247. YJ-27 anti-stealth radar
  248. H-9 Bombers
  249. Rafale, an ideal aircraft for PLA carrier aircraft
  250. Z-9 Transport Question