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  1. PLA PKF heavily armed state
  2. Hq-16 sam
  3. Russia sells S-400 systems to China
  4. China actually produced any weapons of their own?
  5. Sky Dragon 12 short-range SAM
  6. SAM Sky Dragon 50
  7. 2014 NORINCO Armour Day
  8. Peace Mission-2014
  9. Chinese 96-A
  10. What the difference: Type 85, Type 96/96A/96G, Type 98 and Type 99
  11. Need help to identificate chinese radar
  12. PLA Location Chart
  13. PLA "Stride-2014" Military Exercise
  14. Guided Artillery Weapons
  15. Self-propelled artillery modernization
  16. new PAP special forces unit
  17. Russia sells S-400 SAM to China
  18. ZTQ-? Light Tank
  19. Sinodefence forum rules of behavior
  20. Chinese Remote Weapons Station
  21. Power Armor?
  22. Mbt-3000
  23. PLA 39th Army Group maneuvering close to North Korean Border
  24. Chinese Supergun?
  25. Ground Launched Long Range Precision Laser Guided Round
  26. Can Mobile SAMs Counter Air Superiority/Supremacy?
  27. Chinese ATGM discussion
  28. 100 km range guide round from China
  29. Chinese Grenade Launcher II
  30. HJ-8 ATGM in Syria
  31. Chinese infantry fighting vehicles
  32. FN-6 in use in Syria
  33. PLA type 07 Camo
  34. FOG missile
  35. Shaanxi Baoji Special Vehicles
  36. Chinese Optical Gunsights
  37. Most drones should be part of the artillery, not the air force
  38. training exercise HK Oct 2012-combined force
  39. New Chinese Military (export) vehicles thread
  40. modern Infantry support ?
  41. Highlights of President Hu Jin Tao's inspection of PLA HK Garrison, 29-06-2012
  42. Bullet proof vests in the Chinese military
  43. Remote Weapons Stations
  44. Armored cars or Humvees?
  45. (ASK) How well trained are the pla special forces?
  46. Chinese Grenade Launcher
  47. Can you win a war with only light infantry in the 21st century?
  48. What's the ACTUAL casualty for HEAD-ON combats in the two gulf wars and Afghanistan?
  49. Renegade China soldiers 'killed' after Jilin emergency
  50. China seeks military base in pakistan
  51. New Chinese SPAAA?
  52. China's new land-based mid-range SAM HQ-16
  53. Chinese Gatling guns / miniguns
  54. S-300 missle fail(video)
  55. Mobs attack XinJiang, PRC police station
  56. China develop tank killer
  57. China Takes home World Sniper Cup. 2011
  58. Labor Day open house of PLA HK Garrison
  59. breakthrough in the development of Sensor fuse
  60. ZH-05 Objective Individual Combat Weapon. 5.8 mm Heavy and 20 mm Air Burst.
  61. Modern Firearms Website
  62. Indian & Chinese Armies Jointly Hoists Indian Flag on India's Republic Day
  63. New training tool for the PLA
  64. PLA new Type 95-1 rifle
  65. Chinese Mountain Units/Soldiers
  66. PLA Night Warfare Capabilities
  67. red dot aiming device?
  68. Shotguns in the PLA
  69. PLA Off-Road Segway
  70. PLA in Pakistan
  71. Chinese Army Needs More Tanks
  72. China wins third place in 2010 Sniper World Cup!!!
  73. What does PLA stand for?
  74. MBT 2000 VT-1A / Al-Khalid I for Morocco
  75. Is the PLA's main Ground Force modernisation phase complete?
  76. China Displays Models at Eurosatory 2010
  77. Chinese military symbol
  78. Question Regarding Norinco-Mak90( Chinese Type-56 Ak47)
  79. QBZ-03 Assault Rifle
  80. Unmanned Combat Ground Vehicle
  81. High Precision Sniper (or Marksman) Rifle
  82. Chinese Snipers?
  83. Russia stressed that the issue of sanctions against Iran in line with China's positio
  84. An innovation idea for Army.
  85. Army anti-air
  86. new 60 ton tank for the PLA
  87. Type 96G FCS?
  88. Peru is buying Chinese tanks
  89. Chinese Militia and its state of readiness
  90. The blue sword?
  91. Chinese apdsfs round
  92. HJ-10 anti tank missile
  93. PLA Medals and Ribbons
  94. Could non-chinese join PLA?
  95. (ASK) PLA Light Artilery
  96. (ASK) PLA body armour
  97. Why has no army fielded anti-soft target bullets?
  98. PLA - Type 99 Webbing Gear Pack Sets
  99. New command apc
  100. 9mm Chinese Police Revolver
  101. Chinese Military Expert Dennis J. Blasko Speaks at Whittier
  102. Heavy Machinegun and its effectiveness
  103. Performance of Chinese exported weapons in current/recent conflicts
  104. New HQ-16 Thread
  105. Help on Camo Identification
  106. Type 06 PLA Rations
  107. PLA soldier shot in Terrorist attack
  108. PLA Organization & Structure discussion
  109. Bluffer’s Guide: Fortress China
  110. Why do some cities have air defences and other not?
  111. Ballistic missile sites
  112. PLA article from AU
  113. The Chinese Special Force Basic Training And Its Effectiveness?
  114. Difference between Type-81 rifle and AK-47
  115. Can You Please Help ID These Trucks?
  116. 85 mm AT gun Type 56 ammo
  117. Sniper rifle optical sights confirmation
  118. can anyone ID this?
  119. Smerch MRL for China & India ?
  120. HQ-16 photos?
  121. Firearms training in the PLAGF
  122. HQ-7 deployed to protect the Olympics
  123. Type 03/ QBZ-03 assault rifle
  124. Vertical Launched Ground Munitions
  125. Arms n Ammo
  126. the applied use of body armor/other uses
  127. Faster pace of modernizing tanks
  128. Ambush and Raid
  129. Night Fight, how do infantry fight in High Tech Era
  130. China's NORINCO develops new 40 mm automatic grenade launcher
  131. can anyone identify this... thing?
  132. Td-2000??
  133. Future of sniper in a network-centric conflict
  134. is this a chinese rifle?
  135. Type 06-1 5.8mm assault rifle family
  136. China developing new generation of SAM
  137. Role of towed anti tank gun?
  138. Where are the PLA's modern tactical trucks?
  139. High Tech Versus Human Oriented war
  140. Serbian Type 96??
  141. Equal Opportunity Tanker
  142. Stealth Detection System Exists to counter B2
  143. chinese laser weapon development
  144. Futuristic weaponry
  145. Any hints on PLA tactics/doctrines?
  146. Ideal assault rifle
  147. PLA armoured fighting vehicles outlook for the next 15 years
  148. All newType-59 thread
  149. Friendly excersize between US and PLA Marines
  150. Please help ID old Chinese 8x8 APC
  151. Training " a measure of dedication
  152. PLA body armor
  153. Shaped charge grenade
  154. Inside a chinese military academy
  155. Why China doesn't purchase weapons from Asian countries
  156. Ideal PLA Ground Based Air Defence (SAM etc)??????
  157. Did any one see this 99G before?
  158. Marksmanship
  159. Ideal PLA main battle tank (?)
  160. Type 90 APC in PLA Service
  161. Chinese Defence Should Be Develop Faster & Stronger
  162. QCW-05 SMG Translation help!
  163. Effectiveness of Active Anti-ATGM Defences
  164. Glock and M4s for training?
  165. PLZ-05 Computer Model
  166. New 122mm mobile wheeled howitzer
  167. What is the difference between IFV and APC?
  168. PLA going digital
  169. Chinese Camouflage Colors
  170. HD66 gun fire around corner
  171. Japanese GPS hulabaloo
  172. PLA Coast Defense Forces
  173. What exactly is SOF and how good they really are?
  174. A very strange tank indeed
  175. Brain storm for the chinese SOF training
  176. Military drill knife
  177. Is that the new NORINCO VN3 4x4 LAV???
  178. Chinese Tank Soldiers close up
  179. T-80 Tanks
  180. China's panzerfaust, a really small RPG
  181. China develops new SP artillery system
  182. New amphibious "surfing" IFV
  183. Chinese digitalized army
  184. Chinese new armed vehicle "SX-1" for paratrooper
  185. Reserve vs. Militia and the roles of PAP
  186. EQ2050 HMMWV and roles of light combat vehicles
  187. Chinese forces capable of rapid deployment - now and within ten years?
  188. Motor-rifle Brigade OOB
  189. Chinese new anti-air missile
  190. Recent Developments
  191. Eathmover,Launched Bridge and others
  192. China's Second Artillery Capability
  193. ear plug of PLA artillery finally
  194. A new discussion !
  195. Type 95 Assault Rifle II
  196. Countering Western SAMs
  197. Artillery regiment questions
  198. Feasible? MBT + SPA Hybrid Vehicle
  199. To those who serve/served in the armed forces: WHAT DO YOU ENVY ABOUT THE PLA?
  200. Ordinary PLA infantrymen
  201. Pics of T-96 w/ Reactive armor
  202. Status of LY-60 SAM?
  203. East Coast Defense
  204. S-300 PMU-2 news
  205. Type 64 machine gun
  206. Vest/Chest rig worn by mountain units in Tibet?
  207. New 8x8 vehicles
  208. Any info on cluster munitions?
  209. "new" SMG with chinese armed police with pictures!
  210. Blowback Operated Minigun
  211. Please identify this WZ-501 variant
  212. What are these?
  213. New vehicle Photo
  214. "Digital" pattern camoflage uniforms
  215. Chinese Stryker?
  216. New helmets for Chinese paratroopers
  217. China's Anti-Nuclear Capability
  218. Chinese hand grenades
  219. Mystery SAM battery, looks like KS-1
  220. Interesting article on PLA doctrine
  221. Chemical troops
  222. The new IFV has entered service
  223. Is IR Gun Gun-launched missile possibly?
  224. Type 95 movie
  225. The type 86G in service?
  226. The JS's performance and speculations
  227. Tube Missile Artillery: How do they find their targets?
  228. Does china have the 2S19?
  229. PLA heavy machine guns
  230. New members read before posting!!
  231. Type 88 GPMG
  232. Chinese Military Videos or Clips?
  233. new toy for chinese snipers
  234. CSU-152/CSU-88 MBT "9958 Project"
  235. Modern Chinese for export?
  236. Type 56 Chest Pouch
  237. Bangladesh to license produce Chinese Type 81 rifles
  238. PLA Squad and Platoon
  239. PLA deployment against India
  240. Almaz S-300: China's "Offensive" Air Defense
  241. New/Unknown Chinese SMG?
  242. What gun is this?
  243. Type 81 Preformance
  244. military parade 1999
  245. Some intresting Type-95 Photos
  246. The lighter Tractors.
  247. Today's LA Times Article on the PLA
  248. About the 5.8mm bullet
  249. Wz--10
  250. White guys with Chinese forces??