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  1. Comparing US Navy LCS to likely OPFOR vessels
  2. US Navy ASW and ASuW helicopters & Squadrons
  3. US Flight Deck & Hanger Comparisons
  4. A Modest Proposal: Increase the Stealth Characteristics of the Type 23 Duke Class
  5. Local Wars and Integrated Joint Warfare Doctrine
  6. china 2010
  7. RAND report, another take.
  8. Motorising the PLA's Light Infantry
  9. modern Praetorian Guards
  10. The Prc Red Paper.
  11. The future of advanced IED warfare/counterwarfare
  12. The Dreadnaught Factor
  13. The Tank Troop/Platoon: Three, Four, or Five?
  14. Light, Medium, and Heavy Ground Units - Pros, Cons, and Controversies
  15. The Rifle Squad/Section - What should it do and how should it be organized?
  16. Upcoming role of information in modern warfare
  17. top Threats to the PLA "in my opinion"
  18. US Military Recruitment
  19. China's ATGW missile
  20. PLA helicopter fleet
  21. Soviet Navy(Voyenno-morskoy flot SSSR)
  22. new Z-9 variant !!!!
  23. Its Official Japan not Tiawan is the potential flashpoint
  24. Five Year Buildup
  25. Is This The Answer?
  26. U.S.A.F. in Beijing - GW Bush's air fleet
  27. Joint-Arms Combat Operation ability, is China up tio date ??
  28. PRC Improvment topic
  29. And So It Starts. A Lesson In Insanity
  30. errors of the past.
  31. Chinese mechanised brigades artillery choises
  32. Op-plan 2010
  33. The Chinese aircraft carrier programme
  34. My thoughts on the broken recruiting system in Canada
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