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  1. F-16D Falcon, Block 30/32 in 1/72 Scale
  2. Occupy Central...News, Photos & Videos ONLY!!
  3. Sino Defence Manufactoring
  4. My First Thread - Chinese Education
  5. The Ebola Outbreak
  6. 1/48 J-10B Vigorous Dragon Trumpeter
  7. Mars War: Blood on the red planet.
  8. PLAN Type 071 LPD, Kunlun, 998, in 1/350 Scale
  9. Chopin's music and China
  10. USS New York, LPD-21 in 1/350 scale
  11. Russian Gepard, K-335, Akula III SSN in 1/350 Scale
  12. President Obama's Foreign Policy Report Card
  13. Japan pushes for permanent membership on the UN Security Council
  14. LCS-2, USS Independence in 1/350 Scale
  15. Gunfighter Skies 2014 Airshow
  16. Chinese Air Force J-10S in 1/72 Scale
  17. F4U Corsair in 1/72 Scale
  18. Chinese Movies
  19. iPhone 6/Plus, anyone?
  20. Neo-Nazis in Abe's new Cabinet
  21. New Member
  22. Thoughts on Shanghai
  23. Question for popeye or any other former and serving navy pers
  24. Hong Kong....Occupy Central Demonstrations....
  25. Ukrainian rebels Vs IS death match
  26. World News & Breaking News II
  27. We love peace. We, however, are not afraid of wars.
  28. US Navy SV-22 Osprey in 1/72 scale
  29. Xinjiang Terror Attack 29 July 2014
  30. Russian Sukhoi PAK FA in 1/72 Scale
  31. Chinese Air Rifles
  32. PLAAF J-20 Mighty Dragon in 1/72 Scale
  33. Things that really bother you
  34. hello l am Chinese
  35. hello l am Chinese
  36. Crisis in the Ukraine
  37. YouTube channels you recommend?
  38. Camera and Photography Equipment Discussion Thread
  39. Sad ending of a great empire
  40. USAF F22 Flying agains Malaysian SU30 in Dissimilar Air Combat - Cope Taufan
  41. Japan's latest Kono folly
  42. Good, Clean Jokes
  43. Opportunity for US-China joint enforcement of international law?
  44. Modi starts off on wrong foot with China?
  45. Distrubing cult in China
  46. Memorial Day
  47. Fondly remembered songs and TV Shows
  48. Russian CV 063 Kuznetsov in 1/350 scale
  49. PLAN J-15 Flying Shark in 1/72 Scale
  50. A Study on the High Crime Rate of US/West
  51. Chinese General news resource thread
  52. IIMs' tryst with Chinese: Mandarin emerges as popular course at IIMs
  53. is cdf forum online?
  54. Jeju ferry sinking.
  55. The Positive Thread
  56. Russian Udaloy II DDG in 1/350 scale
  57. US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet in 1/72 Scale
  58. 1999-2013 China GDP & Military spending stats
  59. PLA National Defense University and Military academies.
  60. PLAN Type 052D in 1/350 scale, DDG-173 Changsha
  61. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is Missing
  62. Alarming Trends in Chinese Society
  63. 27 dead, in Kunming railway station attack
  64. Optimal US and EU response in case of Russian armed intervention in Crimea.
  65. 2014 Ukrainian Maidan Revolt: News, Views, Photos & Videos
  66. Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Gear-Turbine
  67. Documentary about Chinese Shipyard
  68. Your fantasy Weapons System, if you could have it at home
  69. Human Bioweapon?
  70. Why not use sonars to detect planes ?
  71. sinodefence blocked in China?
  72. Sinodefence forum rules of behavior
  73. Kirov Class CGN in 1/350 scale
  74. Hypothetical : Kiev and Minsk- could they have been of any use to PLAN?
  75. Russian Yasen Class SSN in 1/350 scale
  76. Chinese Entertainment
  77. launching ship borne fixed wing aircraft
  78. Regionalism, dialects wars, Second United Front in a nut shell.
  79. New Sinodefence website
  80. Crazy ideas thread
  81. How to design an original jet fighter.
  82. P-8A Poseidon in 1/72 scale
  83. Is capitalism negatively affect a country's demographics
  84. Branding China
  85. Cheng'e3 lands on the Moon, ADIZ next?
  86. Future Main Battle Tank.
  87. Privilege and Oppression: Discussing What and How Our Society Is Hurting Us
  88. De Grasse, D612 in 1/350 scale, Tourville Class
  89. China pollution thread
  90. Future Aircraft Carrier Thread; Designs, Ideas, Brainstorms
  91. RIP Nelson Mandela
  92. Tiger Moms and their Kids
  93. French Lafayette Frigate in 1/350 Scale
  94. a friendly reminder the Onion is satire!
  95. China must start to Phase out Export or Processing Trade
  96. Relations of China and Europe/Germany
  97. Future Chinese Space Colonisation Projects
  98. Change imminent for China's One Child Policy
  99. French Charles de Gaulle, R91, CVN in 1/350 scale
  100. Some of us will eat free tomorrow!!!
  101. Why did the Communists win the Chinese Civil War?
  102. Typhoon Haiyan Disaster in the Philippines
  103. Thread about Chinese Food!
  104. JMSDF Kongo DDG-173 in 1/350 scale
  105. What the Heck?! News
  106. Sinodefence forum photos show up in Time Article
  107. Trolling Hall Of Fame thread
  108. 1/350 scale JS Hakuryu S503 JMSDF Submarine Review and Build
  109. BSG carrier in the news
  110. 30 years ago today we came very close. Closer than most ordinary folks realized...
  111. Ironically, it's Not China's weaponry but competition from South Korea keeping Taiwan
  112. Asia Weather News & Updates
  113. JMSDF Makanami DDG-112 1/350 scale model by Trumpeter
  114. Landscapes and Soundtracks
  115. Spence, Schell and Delury discuss China
  116. Most heavily edited wikipedia articles in the world
  117. Name a famous F-15 squadron or famous F-15
  118. StarTram and other non conventional space launches
  119. JMSDF Hyuga DDH-181 in 1/350 scale
  120. Best Question of All Time
  121. Simplified or Traditional Chinese?
  122. Trip to Hawaii and Pearl Harbor Visit
  123. The US Navy's Five Aircraft Carrier Museum Ships
  124. Arab Spring II in Egypt. The potential Civil War.
  125. Sinodefence forum is hacked?
  126. UN News & Updates
  127. Top 10 Threads posted by SD members
  128. It's not about the nail
  129. iOS7...what you guys think of it?
  130. The Snowden Affair
  131. Chinese Company wins 100 year lease to fund and build the Great Nicaraguan Canal
  132. Vision of the future
  133. World of Tanks (Free-to-play Online Game)
  134. Happy Memorial Day!
  135. What is the Chinese System?
  136. HMS Illustrious in 1/350 scale by Airfix Kit# 14201
  137. The development of Chinese civil society
  138. Philippines Vs Taiwan... Troubled Waters
  139. The Future of United Nations
  140. What You Love about the US and the West.
  141. What would a post-apocalyptic China be like?
  142. Coming to America the right way...legally!
  143. Sichuan earthquake 2013
  144. Beautiful, full, double rainbow in Springtime Idaho. Stunning.
  145. Does it take pain to bond people?
  146. Duke Class FFG, HMS Kent, F-78 in 1/350 scale by Trumpeter
  147. Boston Terror Attack
  148. How would no deficit spending effect the US economy & military?
  149. Astute Class SSN, HMS Ambush S120 in 1/350 Scale by Hobby Boss
  150. Computer Talk II
  151. Putting together an economic feasibility study
  152. Three Different Faces of James Holmes?
  153. HMS Daring, D32, 1/350 Scale, Airfix Kit #12203
  154. Games of Thrones as political theory
  155. russian supercomputer firm blacklisted by the USA. consequences for chinese firms?
  156. USS Preble, DDG-88 AEGIS Destroyer in 1/350 Scale, Draogn Model's Kit#1028
  157. Civil law in China
  158. USS Texas, SSN-775 in 1/350 scale, Hobby Boss Kit #83513
  159. US & PLAN Surface Combatants...in 1/350 scale
  160. PSA Most Useless and perhaps Painful EVER!
  161. USS Freedom, LCS-1 in 1/350 scale. Trumpeter kit#4549 by Jeff Head
  162. Why "the West" gets China wrong
  163. The SD Forum 5,000 Post Member Lounge & Club
  164. The case for the Mig 29 during the cold war.
  165. PLAN Guangzhou DDG-168 in 1/350 scale, my build & review of Mini Hobby kit #80709
  166. Empress dowager Cixi a unsung heroine and an role model for girls and women
  167. Ian Allan Publishing - "Dragon's Wings" by Andreas Rupprecht
  168. Build & Review of ChangZheng 5, SSN-405, in 1/350 scale by Hobby Boss, Kit #83517
  169. Li River visit: Guilin or Yangshuo
  170. Support for Relay For Life 2013
  171. SCS Fleet Command China vs Japan scenario help
  172. My Review & Build of Fujimi's 1/72 Scale F-35B Joint Strike Fighter, Kit#72224
  173. elite spoiled children in china
  174. China's economic and social development in 2012
  175. China's claim to Aranachal Pradesh
  176. So I just finished Dragon's Fury Here are My thoughts: Spoilers:
  177. R2P and Libya: interesting article
  178. Thoughts from my trip to China
  179. Interesting video on US-China-Japan dynamics
  180. My Review and Build of USS Samuel Roberts, Blue Water Navy's 1/350 scale Kit #35004
  181. My build & Review of USS Mobile Bay, Cg-53 in 1:350 Scale by Trumpter
  182. North Korea: Are We kidding ourselves?
  183. Military service as a UN Peacekeeper
  184. Opportunities for Chinese soft power
  185. My Review & Build PLAN, FFG-570 Huangshan & FFG-530 Xuzhao, Trumpeter's Kit 4543
  186. To buy or not to buy: Su-35, Su-30MKI, or Su-37?
  187. 31 Ft Long, 1.5 ton HMS Invincible Model
  188. China's language input systems
  189. 2023: the Third Sino-Japanese War
  190. My Review & Build of USS Lassen, DDG-82 Arleigh Burke Flight IIA Trumpeter Kit #4526
  191. Overpopulation is a myth
  192. CVN-65 USS Enterprise & CV-16 Liaoning Side by Side in 1/350 Scale
  193. Hands down the best article I've ever read
  194. Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory - Brain Invaders
  195. How many people does China have?
  196. Wow! What a game the SEC Championship game was between Alabama and Georgia!
  197. Popeye's Sea Stories
  198. Gun Control Debate
  199. Nanjing Massacre 75 years ago today
  200. US strategic outlook 1992
  201. Real life thread
  202. UN recognizes Palestine as non-member observer state
  203. What is the hardest job you have ever done
  204. Happy Thanksgiving 2012 to everyone on SD from all of us here in the United States
  205. 9/11: The Black Money Trail
  206. International/Military/ Commercial Space news
  207. What is the worst transition period during Chinese history between dynasties?
  208. Praetoria: a Chinese Army story
  209. Quality of Education in China? Overnationalism?
  210. The next generation of Chinese leader are unveiled.
  211. Interesting Read on Cultural Differences between East and West towards education
  212. US Top Oil Producer
  213. How bad is corruption in China ?
  214. ASEAN Economy News
  215. US CIA Director Resigns
  216. Tabletop/traditional gaming
  217. Anybody here play RTS (Real-time Strategy) game? Let`s discuss
  218. The Retarded Thread
  219. China is conquering the world.
  220. Post-Hurricane Sandy relief and support for Chinatown residents
  221. China's future geopolitical evolution!
  222. A successful invasion to the UN
  223. Which period of Chinese history is most similar to today's geopolitical situation?
  224. How is China governed?
  225. Article on Tibet
  226. Fascinating Fact about American History
  227. Modern Chinese Warplanes Combat Aircraft and Units of the Chinese AF and Naval Av.
  228. Is North Korea really a backward country ?
  229. China's Demography and the One Child Policy
  230. 18 Years Since the Passenger Ferry Estonia sank
  231. Jeff Head to be interviewed live, Oct 6, 2012, regarding CV-16, Liao Ning
  232. China Fired an EMP Missile at American Aircraft Carrier in 2010?
  233. World Economy
  234. Where's Waldo: Xijinping Edition
  235. China and relationships of trust
  236. Hong Kong's Protest towards National/Patriotic Education
  237. London Paralympics!
  238. RIP Neil Armstrong!
  239. Euthanasia
  240. major bridge colapse in harbin, china
  241. Discussion of Economic Systems and Ideologies
  242. Giving kids a Chinese name in an English-speaking country
  243. Democracy vs Authoritarianism
  244. Anyone use Facebook? popeye doesn't!!!
  245. Huitong's website is down?
  246. 2012 US Presidential Election discussion.
  247. Psychology "survey" on sex under influence of THC and alcohol intoxication
  248. Only in New Zealand
  249. My review & build of USS Nautilus, SSN-571, 1/350 Blue Ridge Model-1st nuc power ship
  250. Fourth of July Plans?