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  1. How much $ do military members make?
  2. F-16 Falcon Thread
  3. Muti-role Aircraft and affordability
  4. Israel Gaza Operation Pictures & Videos
  5. Rimpac 2014
  6. loadout on SU27
  7. Eurosatory 2014
  8. Russian Flanker and SU-3X Thread: Videos, Pictures, News, Views
  9. Strategies for warfighting between military branches
  10. What is the purpose of Illumination Radars?
  11. 2014 ISIS attack in Iraq: News, Views, Photos, Videos
  12. US Army Scorpion Pattern... Back to the Future!
  13. SOFEX 2014 (SOF exhibition)
  14. Arsenal Ships
  15. Modern Naval/ASW Helicopters Compared
  16. PAK-FA is a lemon, Indian Air Force publically issues a pessimistic assessment.
  17. Sea Air Space 2014 exposition
  18. DIMDEX 2014 (Qatar)
  19. HMCS Protecteur Engine Room Fire, Under Tow
  20. Wreckage of First US Navy Scan Eagle in IRAN
  21. World's fastest military helicopters
  22. Future of an unmanned Air Force
  23. Private Armies: The Rising of the modern Mercenary
  24. Why the Taliban can't shoot
  25. Iraq: who's surprised?
  26. Small vs Arms: multiple Cartridge types vs General-Purpose Cartridge
  27. Aircraft engine question
  28. Naval AEW&C Aircraft
  29. Sinodefence forum rules of behavior
  30. Syrian Weapons Disposal: Internatioal Mission
  31. Naval/Maritime Signal Flag Codes
  32. EU Navy Combined Fleet: Views & News
  33. the end of overkill.
  34. China's 2012 military export data
  35. Do you know this radar seen in Iran?
  36. Defense WebTV
  37. F/A-18E/F Superhornet
  38. Africa Military News thread
  39. Anti-Torpedo Weapons & countermeasure systems
  40. Current US military combat aircraft strength
  41. CH-148 Cyclone Contract in Peril
  42. SBX-1 Sea-based X-band Radar, US Pacific Command
  43. F-22 Raptor Thread
  44. Mediterranean Naval Forces
  45. US Navy nuclear powered surface combatants (non-carrier)
  46. Syrian Crisis...2013
  47. Current US Naval Shipbuilders
  48. F-15 Eagle Thread
  49. Video of Al Qaeda armored unit (Syria)
  50. Defeating China's Anti-Access Strategy: The US Perspective Part
  51. Lockheed Martin Reveals SR-72, the SR-71 Successor
  52. Panama Intercepts Weapons on North Korean Ship in Canal
  53. Syrian rebels turn guns on each other
  54. Huge warship Gathering of US Naval Vessels, December 2012
  55. Chinese Role in the Sri Lankan Civil War
  56. Animation Movie Highlights Air Warfare Capability of Future RAN Hobart Class DDG
  57. Relationship - HY-3 HF-3 KH-41
  58. If you like F-4 Phantoms
  59. Fishing Trawler Hits HMCS Winnipeg, 6 Hurt
  60. World ATTACK Helicopters
  61. Korea 2013... War Game or political game changer?
  62. Why PAK-FA So Cheap Compared To F-22 and F-35?
  63. 2020: JMSDF & PLAN Surface Combatant strength
  64. counter stealth radars and fighter tactics
  65. FN-6 in syrian rebel
  66. Mothballed ARA Trinidad Sinks in Harbour
  67. The Smallest UAV you've ever seen! It's REAL!!
  68. Iran's New Stealth Fighter
  69. Fordo: Did It happen Or didn't It?
  70. ROK Military News
  71. USS Guardian has run aground
  72. The Mali situation
  73. FREMM Frigates Program Update and Shipyard visit
  74. Borei SSBN with Bulava finally enters service
  75. History of the USS Texas names in the US Navy
  76. Astute subs did have flaws, says admiral
  77. U.S. Navy New ASM Development
  78. Indian involvement in South China Sea
  79. Airplanes Y-8F200VV of Venezuela
  80. U.N. Medal Presented to Dongmyeong Unit in Ceremony
  81. Israel-Gaza War: 2008 and Today
  82. Indodefence 2012
  83. Australia to looking at buying/leasing nuclear subs to counter PLAN Subs?
  84. US military influence in japan
  85. US Navy Virginia Class Nuclear Attack Submarines
  86. HMS Bounty stricken and abandoned from Hurricane Sandy.
  87. ROK US agree on creation of mini-CFC
  88. Getting ready for the DF-21
  89. The remarkable activities of ROK Navy Cheonghae Unit
  90. Euronaval 2012
  91. America's "Monster" T-AKR Roll on/Roll Off military sea lift vessels
  92. US Navy readies new Squadron for Fire Scout, rotary UAV Operators
  93. US Navy Afloat Forward Staging Base (AFSB) becoming a reality
  94. Royal Norwegian Navy fires NSM missiles from Corvette and Frigate
  95. U.S. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney's Plans for the US Navy
  96. Iranian Military Trend
  97. project 17 and 17A frigates of indian navy
  98. Proud Youths of Korea
  99. US Navy Burke Class Destroyers - News, Views, Pictures, Videos
  100. US Navy's X-47B UCAS Aircraft
  101. Russian Plant to Make Mi-171 Helicopters for China
  102. MoD reveals design of Royal Navy future warships
  103. Gunman attack Minhas AFB in Pakistan
  104. The Great Game Thread
  105. the notorious Field Manual FM 30-31B
  106. WWII World Armed Forces
  107. should the siachen glacier be demilitarised?
  108. US Navy's new P-8A Poseidon Long-range ASW Aircraft
  109. US Triple Threat Terminator (T3) Program (New Long Range Anti-air missile)
  110. The 15th Anniversary of the Coup in Phnom Penh, July 5 and 6, 1997
  111. Sequestration Scenarios and China's Counter-pivot
  112. Bold Alligator 12: Highlights and lessons learned
  113. The US Navy of 2030. One Projection
  114. Iraqi Navy 60-meter Offshore Support Vessel (OSV 401) Completes Underway Trials
  115. Is Intelligence the Key to efficient conflict resolution ?
  116. Fujian Quangang airspace incidence involving 2 J10 fighters and F22 in 2011
  117. Remained bodies in Korean War
  118. Syria Shoots Down Turkish Fighter Jet
  119. The way to deter North Korea's provocations
  120. Eurosatory 2012 pictures and news
  121. Was India"s descision on the MMRCA Deal correct?
  122. EU Forces Attack Somali Pirates
  123. SOFEX 2012 Special Forces Demonstration
  124. F22 Oxygen problems?
  125. IDEB 2012 (Defense Expo Slovakia)
  126. ECA secures funds for NATO aggressor aircraft purchase
  127. April 29th 1975, Operation Frequent Wind part II
  128. Pakistan has successfully conducted Hatf-IV Shaheen-1A IRBM
  129. Operation Geronimo
  130. DSA 2012 (Defense expo Malaysia Kuala Lumpur)
  131. Taliban Strategy in Afghanistan
  132. Indian Military News II
  133. Japan warns it might shoot down North Korea Rocket
  134. US Navy Patrol Frigate Design shown at DIMDEX by Ingalls
  135. unidentified underwater missile launch
  136. Aircraft Evolutionary cul-de-sacís
  137. Is War Coming to Iran?
  138. Self Guided Bullets
  139. STOVL or alternative
  140. France Military News thread
  141. Pentagon accuse south korea of stealing US military technology
  142. Feds: France hinders probe of satellite technology sale to China
  143. South East Asian Nations News and Views
  144. Iran claims to down US stealth spy drone
  145. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Thread
  146. Can Kill J-20 & T-50, Says Eurofighter
  147. Happy 50th Birthday. You've lead an amazing life and service.
  148. Lebanon buys Chinese SH self-propelled howitzer
  149. Brazil is negotiating access to software for its nuclear submarine with France
  150. North Korea tests modified SS-N-2 Styx anti-ship missiles (P-15 Termit) in Yellow Sea
  151. Pacific Ocean Naval Strenght
  152. Chinese Counterfeit Parts Found in U.S. Military
  153. Submarines for the Argentine Navy
  154. DPRK Military Tactics
  155. South Korean KAI KF-X fighter
  156. Australian military news and discussion
  157. Pakistan Military: News, Views, Photos
  158. Interesting Interview about the War on Terror
  159. LHD-4 USS Boxer made a port call to HK on Sept 1st 2011
  160. US Army training doctrine
  161. New low-cost, muti-role aircraft needed for smaller militaries
  162. South Sudan Military
  163. china rejects NK request for bombers/cruise missiles
  164. NATO helicopter injure Pakistanis soldiers
  165. The Future Of Vertical aviation.
  166. aircraft carrier for sale :)
  167. China vs. India
  168. US government potentially shut down
  169. US Navy DDG 1000 Zumwalt Class
  170. Japan's Covert ICBM program
  171. Persian Gulf & Middle East News & Views
  172. The Civil War in Libya
  173. King Sejong the Great class destroyer
  174. Vertrep !
  175. ShipShape
  176. Indian Defence Minister got hit by a Chinese Missile @ Aero India 2011
  177. AMCA...Indian 5th Generation Fighter
  178. X-47B Future USN UACS Flies!!... video..
  179. PETITION: To name the 2nd FORD Class US Nuclear Carrier, CVN-79 as the USS Enterprise
  180. Crisis in Egypt & Middle East!
  181. Revolutionary Guard member caught smuggling weapons into Afhganistan
  182. International Committee of Military Medicine
  183. Explosion in Chinese internet cafe
  184. Just in time for Christmas!! One RN Carrier! Bid early folks!
  185. More bad news for F-35
  186. Boeing's Airborne Laser Defense Fails the Test
  187. NYT: MLRS/GPS prove deadly effective in afghanistan
  188. Peru to purchased Ukraine Tifon-2 tank.
  189. U.S. Questions Turkey's miltary exercise with China
  190. Singapore to suspend flight of her Apache and Sikorsky helcopter
  191. Exercise Joint Warrior
  192. South China Sea dispute
  193. Russia refuse to cancel cruise missile sale to Syria
  194. 9 Hong Kong tourist dead in Manila hostage shootout
  195. Iran launches its own unmanned bomber!
  196. North Korean plane crashes in China
  197. Making sense of the wikileaks documents
  198. US Military Base Experts
  199. anatomy of an attack on Iran
  200. will China send troops to Kyrgyzstan?
  201. Morocco is negotiating the purchase AR1A?
  202. "Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons"
  203. Atten: Planeman
  204. A 100 MLRS and SLC-2 artillery locating radar in in Pakistan
  205. X-37 and orbital combat
  206. India, Flight testing of the Cryogenic Stage not successful
  207. Maoist Attack on Indian Troops!
  208. The sinking of South Korean Corvette Cheonan
  209. New VLS for SM-3 Block IIB
  210. US troops parade in moscow?
  211. Drone Mounted Technology That Can Detect People in Buildings
  212. US Airborne Laser (ABL) shoots down boosting ballistic missile
  213. Thunder Run and Battle for Grozny
  214. Rations Comparison
  215. U.S. Marine Recrutment?
  216. Artillery Accident
  217. viability of using the T-AKE-1 design
  218. North Korea - busted again!
  219. Western Civilian and Military Aircraft Development
  220. I could use some help writing a book
  221. what do you guys think of the new Afghan strategy?
  222. Iran grabs yacht crew - accident or power play?
  223. Russia may purchase Mistral class LHD from France
  224. Aliyev threatening war, again
  225. North and South Korea clash at sea
  226. How good is this BrahMos II missile compared to any other missiles?
  227. 12 Dead , 31 wounded in Shooting at Ft Hood Texas
  228. Radar, sonar and other modern military sensors
  229. USMC future MBT
  230. HAL Tejas Jet Fighter
  231. PAF should have bought J-10 instead of JF-17?
  232. Why Burma@Myanmar spent Billion$ for Self Defence.
  233. Quality information about Airborne Forces Needed
  234. Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud is dead
  235. Military Robots & Drones In War
  236. Joint Exercise between Singapore and China
  237. Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons: Safe & Sound
  238. If Cold War did not end, what would US and Soviet navies look like?
  239. Us Lab Debuts Super Laser
  240. Ltte Is Defeated?
  241. The Navy of Brazil
  242. Taiwan SAM discussion
  243. Modern Piracy on the High Seas
  244. Armed Militants attack and hold Pakistanis Police Academy
  245. Large Amphibiuos Assault Vessels
  246. US Releases 2009 Report on China's Military
  247. IAF (or someone) bombed smuggling convoy and ship in Sudan
  248. North Korea about to launch Taepodong-2
  249. Missile defence test video
  250. September 6th, 1965 & the PAF