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  1. Confirmation of Han Decai claims
  2. 1980's PLA questions?
  3. the German - Chinese missing (missile) link...
  4. Dispelling the Human Wave/Peasant Army myths
  5. 1961 Goldsboro B-52 crash
  6. History of South American nation inter-rivalry and arms buildup
  7. Battle of the Paracel Islands
  8. Little union state @ myanmar between 2 racing super power countries @2.5billions ppls
  9. Sino Vietnamese clashes in the air
  10. PLAN motor torpedo boats sink KMT destroyer Taiping
  11. South Korea returned remains of Korean war era Chinese soldiers to China
  12. Project Azorian (Jenifer) the Secret US mission to steal a Russian submarine
  13. Female Military Leaders in Chinese History
  14. Sinodefence forum rules of behavior
  15. Has PLAN exceeded Qing Beiyang fleet vis-a-vis- her contemporary neighbors?
  16. World War II Historical/Startegy Discussions
  17. Controversial military strategies in 3 kingdom
  18. China-Japan Air War, 1937-45
  19. Soviet Muna Class trawlers - a strange case
  20. An old American Sailor's Dying Wish
  21. Chinese Civil War: Battle of Hainan
  22. When Big Guns Ruled the Waves
  23. How to do commerce raiding with auxiliary cruisers in 21st century?
  24. What were some significant military advancements in medieval and ancient China?
  25. First Chinese-American woman to fly for military died in fiery crash
  26. The German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin
  27. Weird Weapons of WWII
  28. Horten Ho 229
  29. T-26 tank in KMT service.some question.
  30. battle for Changsa,1939
  31. Unit 731
  32. Means to measure soldier performance?
  33. Journal of Soviet AA crews during the Korean war
  34. opium war, some question...
  35. World of Tanks documentary series
  36. does nuclear weapon force Japan to surrender or it is the soviet ?
  37. One again, China's participation is discredit at WW2 wikipedia page.
  38. Conduct in War
  39. The story of Senator Daniel Inouye
  40. new information on the use of crossbow
  41. How much do we *really* know about Chinese history?
  42. Chinese WW2 Poison Gas Weapons ?
  43. The First SAM Kill
  44. 精忠報國 or 盡忠報國 (Yue Fei's tattoo)
  45. Chinese Company (or battalion) - level tactics, equipment, structure and doctrine
  46. Chinese military terminology WWII
  47. The Military of Southern Song
  48. Siege of Changchun
  49. Why was Yue Fei killed?
  50. How did China change in Culture, from Imperial era to today.
  51. Question about Yuan period, black death and depopulation?
  52. Why didn't late Qing produce any good generals?
  53. Where will the future threat for China come from?
  54. Greatest warriors of ancient China
  55. I Was There: Bring Down the Spyplane, MIG-17 vs. Lockheed U-2.
  56. Zheng Chenggong - Koxinga
  57. The suffer of forgotten chinese indians in india
  58. the northeast doctrine
  59. How would you define China's Warrior Ethos?
  60. Validity of the reputations of the Russian and German militaries during WWII
  61. Compiling a list of decent english language historians about Chinese military history
  62. 100 Year Anniversary of Xinhai Revolution
  63. Surrender or Fight to the Last?
  64. very rare footage of Japanese surrender aboard USS Missouri
  65. Chinese Revolution of 1911
  66. Sino-Soviet Split: The possibility of real conflict?
  67. Mongol, Manchu, Japanese invasions took similar historical pathways?
  68. Thoughts on the Chinese Civil War
  69. Intresting article on the US bombing of the Chinese embassy in Serbia
  70. India doctor saved lives of Chinese during WWII, his sisters recall
  71. Why China Chose Bows over Guns...
  72. When was the last time China was technologically superior to the West?
  73. What if China and Japan Made Peace in the 1930's?
  74. Significance of the Chinese military contribution to World War 2 disputed.
  75. The road to revival, a CCTV documentary on China's modernization (subtitles)
  76. Why We Fight US WW2 Information Films
  77. PLA in the period after Korean War and before Cultural Revolution
  78. battle of Menglianggu campaign
  79. Build your perfect medieval army!
  80. Apartheid South African had 6 nukes ?
  81. PLA involvement in the Vietnam War
  82. About the difference between Chinese & Western Archers
  83. Forgotten Chinese service in WWI
  84. Problem with activation
  85. From a self-sacrifice society to self-interest society
  86. Martial Arts in the Military
  87. Were Vietnamese massacred at Spratly Islands ?
  88. Do you think...?
  89. China and the development of firearms
  90. Formal Procedures for Chinese Soldiers and Military Ceremonies and Salutes?
  91. Do you think Wu Sangui is a traitor for Han Chinese?
  92. Yue Fei vs Genghis Khan
  93. some answer to somebody 2
  94. some answer to somebody
  95. let chinese talk about the gunpowder weapon in ancient age
  96. Myths and Facts about historical Chinese swords and polearms vs. Media
  97. Cao Cao's Tomb found!
  98. Reply The greatest military strategist in Chinese history?
  99. The greatest military strategist in Chinese history?
  100. Sino-Vietnam war in 1979
  101. Father of China's missile program dies
  102. Looking for document/webpage
  103. Sino-Vietnam war in 1979 ended with Soviet Nuclear Threat
  104. movie:The Founding of A Repulic
  105. Invasion of China 1965
  106. Adversary of Alexangder in China
  107. Sino Ottoman relations?
  108. History of Ancient Chinese Technology
  109. I have been told from a very reliable source that...
  110. Alexander VS Qin dynasty
  111. Luding Bridge Awesomeness
  112. Sino-British Opium War
  113. The Sino-Indian border conflict in 1962.
  114. Old PLA combat equipment/load
  115. Battle of Red Cliff, the Movie
  116. 1903 British-Tibet,China War
  117. Tibet's history-from CCTV
  118. Pictures that rarely seen
  119. Chinese casualties during the Korean War
  120. Anyone seen Ji Jie Hao yet? about the chinese civil war
  121. Zhenbaodao (Damanski), March 1969
  122. Sino-Indian War
  123. The T-34 tank
  124. Cameraman
  125. Military Salute
  126. Chinese Civil War 1949
  127. the fall of song dynasty
  128. Campaigns of the Chinese Civil War
  129. Qin Army
  130. The Wu-Yue conflict, what it meant to China--and the world
  131. The Stirrup and its effects on Chinese miltiary history
  132. Chinese Influences on Foreign Militaries
  133. Healthy is the optimised choise
  134. From Sunzi to a global paradise
  135. Dien Bien Phu
  136. 96ad:the War Between Han And The Huns
  137. Late Han/early 3 kingdoms army
  138. KJ-1 AEW plane?
  139. Modern Chinese opinions on chun-fa (Warlords)?
  140. China's Legendary Swords
  141. 300K PLA soldiers died in service since 1949
  142. Western Rome vs Eastern Tsin Dynasty
  143. Wind of Change: Sino-Viet relationship breakthrough
  144. KMT or CPC fought most in the sino-japanese war (WWII)?
  145. Altan Khan and the Ming Dynasty
  146. Xcellent TV series on Genghis Khan
  147. The Boxer Rebellion 1900-01
  148. Telling differences between a Chinese and Japanese in WW2
  149. If Alexander Invade China
  150. Interested in the Han Dynasty
  151. Chinese Martial Arts and the PLA/Security forces
  152. A side note for the Rome V's Han China thread
  153. Western influences on China's military
  154. lin biao vs Peng Dehuai
  155. CHinese Crossbows
  156. Germans training the Imperial Chinese Army
  157. Chinese Generals of Antiquity
  158. real sino-vietnam war live videos!!! real actions!
  159. Chinese, Koreans and Mongols vs. samurais
  160. Foreign Volunteer Corps
  161. Taiwan insurgency - try 2
  162. Qin Army's declaration I
  163. WWII Chinese military officers honored
  164. Feelings about the KMT, post yours
  165. Validity of this site
  166. Guo Boxiong gives Donald Rumsfeld new info on Navy pilot shot down
  167. The Wokou: The 'Japanese' Pirates
  168. Weapons Of China: Similar To Germany and Russia?
  169. Who start war and who won
  170. The Role Played by Chinese-Canadians in WWII
  171. Foreign Military In China Pre Ww2
  172. Chinese tunnel warfare
  173. Watertight compartment is the founder of submarine
  174. Beiyang fleet
  175. Could the Nationalists have won the Civil War?
  176. Chinese cruiser Chungking
  177. possible diffrent outcome to korean war...
  178. Do you know the great militarist"Sun ZI"
  179. Longest chinese dynasty Chao or Zhou
  180. a video of sino vietnamese war
  181. New members read before posting!!
  182. US posters to help china in WWII
  183. The Great Game Turns Deadly
  184. one of the chinese war hero figure
  185. Zheng He (1371-1433), the Chinese Muslim Admiral
  186. Nanking Holocaust in WWII (Pictures)
  187. finally found "xiang xiao ping"
  188. Nanking, Forgotten Holocaust?
  189. The Greatest Emperor: Qin Shi Huang.
  190. New sino-vietnam pictures
  191. China Invaded
  192. A german geared soldier figure
  193. China hails Japan veteran who spoke of Nanjing horror
  194. China commentator urges tougher line against Japan
  195. The Chinese in WW2 (Pic thread)
  196. Posts of Chairman Mao in the navy
  197. Aincent Chinese Warfare Pic Thread
  198. CIA's Role In Tibet
  199. art Posters of Heros in sino viet nam war 1979
  200. Chinese Vassili----Zhang Taofang, #1 sniper in PLA
  201. Sino-Vietnam war
  202. sino- soviet naval BATTLE in history
  203. Equipment used in Korea
  204. The battle of Shanghai
  205. China discovers 3,000 WW2 bombs
  206. Mao: A life by Philip Short
  207. Please read: the new General Military Forum
  208. Sino-India conflict
  209. Chinese Siege Warfare: Mechanical Artillery & Siege Weapons of Antiquity
  210. Battle of LaoShan
  211. China demands Japan destroy WW2 chemical weapons
  212. PLA/Chinese army heros
  213. China's air force during Sino-Japan war
  214. Emperor Qianlong (over looked conqueror)
  215. Flying Tigers during China-japan war (1937-1945)
  216. The Korean war
  217. Tokyo War Crimes Trials (1946-1948)
  218. World war 2 page
  219. The Horde and the 1st bullet proof vest.
  220. Ancient Chinese siege weapons!
  221. Japanese War Orphans in China
  222. Reassessing China's War of Resistance
  223. Yukiko: A Japanese in China's army
  224. Warriors of the Yang Clan
  225. Romance Of The Three Kingdoms
  226. Chinas best dynastic military?
  227. Rome vs Han China
  228. Song and Liao.
  229. Sino-Japanese Wars